The value of art in Kinnelon High School

How does art impact the students of Kinnelon High?


Photo courtesy of Kristen Matits

OP art by freshmen Evan Gray and Melissa Elefonte.


Demetri Martin, a famous American comedian, and actor, once said, “The Earth without art is just eh.”

 Imagine a little boy sitting at his desk, gazing through the window and seeking out for hope. All that comes to his eyes are black and white trees, darkened clouds, and white drywall without any splash of color. Such a reality is pale and glum; a world without art is a world without creativity or expression. 

“Art is an outlet that displays one’s emotions and feelings. And for everyone that means something different, some people use art as a way of expressing where they want to be in life,” says freshman Sara Barrow. 

“It [art] is a creative way that you can express in a creative way, you can see artwork throughout the school, art is everywhere [in Kinnelon high school],” says Spanish teacher Hannah Sappio.

Kinnelon High School is filled with many talented artists who want to express their talent all over the world, and the school has provided them many opportunities to express themselves artistically and show off their skills.

“My experience has been that I get a lot of support, for my students, from the administration… anything I have ever asked for in terms of supplies, equipment, they always accommodated me it,” says art teacher Jacqueline Castro.

“Kinnelon contributes with art classes, after school clubs, and the theatre program,” said sophomore, Alicia Torres and added, “though I feel like that some art programs should get more funding.” 

Even with the shortage of funding, Kinnelon High School has been able to run multiple art-centered programs for years.

“As you look in [the] Kinnelon library, as well as the ceilings of [the] middle school and high school, you will find art everywhere in this town,” said Torres. 

Design Fundamentals teacher Alice Kivlon agreed, saying, “Art is actually everywhere… intentionally created or not. Your visual surroundings are art. Personal interpretation is what defines what is art. More intentional art would be the creation of visual communication.”