An Outbreak of Peppa Pig

How Peppa Pig has kept up with the trends since 2004


Peppa and her friends at a campfire during Peppa Pig’s Adventure.

Appealing to both the teenage and toddler eye, a diverse and entertaining character has taken the stage and is touring her exponential success. Circulating through most high school halls, this pink sensation is a hot topic of discussion for not only 4-year-olds but also teenagers who are captured by her thrilling life. Peppa Pig Live! is a show full of singing, dancing, and all sorts of entertainment that is sure to put a smile on every fan’s face!


“I feel like our generation grew up with her and now she’s been reintroduced after we had aged out of her, so now it’s a different appreciation where we understand all her true meanings in the show,” senior Emma Whittemore expressed.


Many students throughout Kinnelon have taken part in the phenomena of Peppa Pig. Being the topic of many lunch table conversations or mentioned on walks in the halls between classes, Peppa Pig is taking over. Whittemore is a loyal fan of Peppa and has not only watched her throughout the course of her childhood but also loves to witness her on several forms of social media. Having grown up with Peppa Pig and Gerald Giraffe on the TV screen daily, being able to relive her presence is a major attribution to her growing fame. Peppa’s fan base is rapidly expanding and diversifying among teenagers everywhere. 


When asked his preference of watching Peppa Pig now or as a youngster, Marshall McCullough states,

“Oh, more now; it’s so much better now. Peppa Pig became a commonality between people of our generation; therefore it has affected all our lives and changed us for the better. Peppa Pig has revolutionized modern media.”


Social media, TikTok especially, has recently blown up with loads of memes and edited content based around Peppa Pig and people are wildly interested in her once again. Peppa Pig Live! is now touring an all-new live show named Peppa Pig’s Adventure including life-size puppets of everyone’s favorite characters: Peppa Pig, Pedro Pony, Suzy Sheep, and Gerald Giraffe. These characters are accompanying Peppa as she embarks on several shows across the U.S. and entertains the hearts and souls of all of her fans. 


“I know it’s a British show with a pig as the main character, but that’s about it,” Kinnelon High School teacher, Lisa Castelluber, states.


The first season of Peppa Pig was released in 2004, which means that it was one of the first TV shows our generation was introduced to during our childhood. With Peppa still being shown to this day on TV, Castellubar has children and has heard of Peppa, but is not so familiar with her past the extent of her existence. Peppa Pig is still entertaining to most and manages to capture a large enough audience, whether on the screen or on stage and keeps her many fans on their toes. No one knows for sure when or if Peppa Pig’s stardom will settle down, but as for now, Peppa Pig is and will proceed to entertain to the best of her ability on and off the stage!
Peppa and her family at a picnic.