Netflix Knockout

Will Disney’s new streaming service knock Netflix and other streaming services out of the park this November?

Netflix Knockout

Image courtesy of TechRadar

Disney Plus, Disney’s premier streaming service, will be giving Netflix the greatest competition it has ever faced. Having ownership of Marvel, Disney classics, and the Star Wars series, Disney Plus will be taking away the rights to these films from Netflix and other streaming services. Will Netflix originals be enough to hold on to their everlasting, loyal fans? Audiences will see who wins out on November 12th, the launch date of Disney Plus.

When asked if she would stay loyal to Netflix after the release or switch over to the new service, Abby Sullivan, sophomore at Kinnelon High School and dedicated Disney fan said,

“Netflix selections in terms of movies and shows are going down. If they keep going down, then no, but if they get better, then yes.”

Netflix has become a dependable source for teens to consume entertainment. If the streaming service loses a large amount of favorite films and/or shows that are so easily accessible, customers may be tempted to leave it altogether and switch their loyalties. In the opinions of many critics, Netflix Originals have greatly lessened in quality and are on a downhill path, leaving Netflix much less to offer once multiple fan favorites are removed. 

When asked how streaming services currently in existence can improve themselves in order to keep up with the new Disney Plus, a loyal Netflix user, Sophomore Chloe Fernstrom said,

“They need to have more shows that are more [compelling] because Netflix originals can get kind of boring at times.”

Netflix releases their own original content once a week, but it seems less Netflix originals are viewed by the majority of Netflix’s user base when compared to other content. Whether hopping into an episode of The Office, or binging Friends, Netflix has always been the backbone to plans of many high school students on any given gloomy Sunday or bare Friday night. Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, or other streaming services will may or may not be major competition to the new Disney Plus, but many services will inevitably be affected by its release in one way, shape, or form. Will you lose trust in the adored Netflix and move to the newly established Disney Plus?