The Tall Girl’s struggle to fit in

Netflix’s new movie, Tall Girl, is the talk of the town—focusing on a young girl’s journey of acceptance.

Stress and loneliness. Drama and betrayal. High school is thought by some to be the best time of one’s life, while others see it as the most miserable chapter of their youth. Going through high school as a regular kid is hard enough, so watchers can imagine how difficult it can be to go through school being taller than all of your fellow students.  

Tall Girl is a coming of age story about 16-year old Jodi, who has spent most of her life slouching in an attempt to blend in with her high school peers. Her self-doubt impacted her entire high school career. At every corner, she felt like there was someone who cracked overused jokes like “How’s the weather up there?” whenever they saw Jodi. Her classmates supposedly called her names like “LeBron” or “Skyscraper,” though we never hear these nicknames uttered by anyone other than Jodi herself in fits of self-deprecation. 

The love triangle trope comes into play when the new taller, handsome, foreign exchange student makes his entrance. Stig’s arrival sparks new possibilities in Jodi’s eyes. Through her quest of trying to win Stig’s love, a new sense of self-confidence blossoms within Jodi. She realizes more about herself. Her journey of self-discovery leads her to realize that her true love was right in front of her the whole time: her best friend, Jack Dunkleman. A short but persistent friend, was the one who truly respected her. 

Throughout Tall Girl, the director, Nzingha Stewart, portrayed the significance of self-worth. This movie focuses on the need for acceptance and the idea that the only approval one needs come from themselves. If you want to watch Tall Girl and experience Jodi’s journey for yourself, it’s currently available on Netflix to watch.