According to the boro website, Kamelot is a municipal alliance dedicated to supporting Kinnelon as a safe drug, alcohol, and tobacco free community.  It funds activities and presentations dedicated to encouraging healthy choices. Jon Ferrari, a 2014 Kinnelon High School graduate, is the youngest person serving on the five member committee appointed by Mayor Freda. He joined Kamelot because he is passionate about supporting educational programs that teach about the dangers of vaping abuse and underage alcohol consumption. Mr. Ferrari believes knowledge is power and he hopes students will say no to vaping and alcohol when faced with making a choice. 

Kinnelon High School counselor Mrs. Wysocki serves as the middleman between KHS and Kamelot. She is instrumental in bringing programs to the high school based on the needs of students. During spirit week, Mrs. Wysocki was able to bring in a substance abuse prevention program called Ball For Lives to the entire student body. In April, she will help coordinate Every 15 Minutes with financial support from KAMELOT. This simulated driving program runs every 2 years and is meant to bring awareness to the dangers of drinking and driving. Juniors and seniors will participate in the simulation as well as other community members such as law enforcement and the fire department. In addition, KAMELOT also gives a yearly stipend to Project Graduation which is a fun-filled night of graduation celebrations in an alcohol free environment. 

KAMELOT sponsors many other programs throughout the District. These include KPEC Peer Mentor Trainings, Teen Canteens, and the Winter Fun fest. KAMELOT plans on having representatives at the KHS Health Fair on April 3, 2020. KAMELOT meetings are open to the public and held on the last Tuesday of each month at the boro hall.