Ford v Ferrari (2019) review

Racing has never been this enthralling on the big screen.


Image courtesy of iMDB

Racing has never been this enthralling on the big screen. 

James Mangold’s Ford v Ferrari tells the true story of Caroll Shelby and Ken Miles, who are on a mission to build the Ford GT40. It’s a new racing car with the potential to finally defeat Ford’s biggest rival, Ferrari, in the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans race in France. 

This may be Mangold’s best film since Walk the Line. Matt Damon and Christian Bale deliver solid performances and their chemistry is terrific. While it’s not their best performances, the two are still a delight onscreen.

Even better, Mangold’s direction is fantastic, doing a nice job of sucking us into the world of cars, racing, and competition. The sound design is also phenomenal and adds to the already-engaging story. The best parts of the movie are the racing scenes. As a matter of fact, every time somebody gets into a car and starts driving in this movie, it’s exhilarating, one way or another. Those scenes always manage to have a lot of emotion or intensity or both. 

Along with the action, this film has more comedic moments than one might expect. Fortunately, they’re really funny and fit perfectly into the movie’s grounded tone, as well as balance out the more serious moments. 

James Mangold turned a moderately-engaging, true story into an incredibly gripping motion picture with impressive direction, great performances, amazing sound design, good humor, exceptional racing sequences, and, overall, a ton of heart. It will make you want to get into a car and never stop driving.

 I give Ford v Ferrari a 9/10 rating.