The Slow Rush release concludes Tame Impala’s long lull

Kevin Parker, known by most people as Tame Impala, releases his highly anticipated fourth album after five years since his groundbreaking project, Currents.


Image courtesy of The Edge

“It’s a sweet trip,” says Rolling Stone reporter, Jon Dolan, summing up Tame Impala’s new album, the Slow Rush. A psychedelic taste of drums and sensation of musical highs are more evident in this album than that of any previous production of his. The 5-year gap between his last album, Currents, with his new release has ironically played into a prominent theme of the Slow Rush; time. 

“Has it really been that long / Did I count the days wrong” Kevin Parker sings in the first lines of a single released 4 years after Currents, in 2019. Titling this track Patience only further adds to the significance that time has on both this very song as well as The Slow Rush. Parker had to escape an Airbnb in Malibu in 2018 with only his hard drive, vintage Hofner bass, and laptop due to forest fires within his neighborhood, which partially delayed his long-anticipated album. Time being of great relevance to his life as he was writing music for this project only served as fuel for him to produce his best content yet. 

“In terms of quality, he’s definitely kept up. It’s a good album bar none but I think his sound has become more pop-based,” an avid Tame Impala fan and sophomore, Ayaan Raza, states, “which I’m not the biggest fan of but as long as it’s good music, it’s good music.”

With the rapid expansion in his fanbase, Parker has not been phased and kept his music consistent in quality while altering slightly from psychedelic rock to indie pop kind of vibe. His more recent releases have had a stronger emphasis on one particular instrument: the drums. Drums were the first instrument ever learned by Parker and have proven themselves a key attribute to his success, especially within The Slow Rush. 

“Rhythms to me are almost more important than the music,” Parker states in an interview with Triple J. 

After releasing his first single from the album, Borderline, Tame Impala listened back to the track and concluded that the bassline of the song was not strong enough for his liking and decided to revamp it. When the album came out, so did a new and improved version of Borderline, leaving his fans more satisfied along with himself because of the improved rhythm. 

Tame Impala will continue on tour through both Australia and the U.S. and give his fans the wildest trip of their lives through his rhythms and falsetto range, leaving them ready for the encore. 

“Music is what music is because of the way we listen to it and the way we make it.”