The Gentlemen (2020) review

The Gentleman may be one of Guy Ritchie’s worst.


Image courtesy of Daily Mail

It’s been a while since a film from such a popular filmmaker turned out to be such a disappointment, as is the case with Guy Ritchie’s The Gentlemen

With a solid cast, it seemed like this had potential to be one of Ritchie’s best films. Unfortunately, the movie doesn’t live up to those expectations. That isn’t to say that it’s a complete waste of time. This movie has good direction, strong performances, and a decent enough script. It’s also got a few entertaining scenes and some funny jokes here and there. However, that doesn’t really make up for the film’s flaws.

 For one thing, this movie is shockingly boring. It constantly drags and takes a while to pick up. 

And here’s the first reason why: It doesn’t do enough to get you invested in the characters. It doesn’t feel right to say that the characters in this movie are badly written; rather, it’s as if they weren’t written at all. They don’t have any arcs, they don’t have any character-driven moments, and their relationships with each other aren’t even well-defined. It honestly feels like everything these characters do is only done to serve the plot. Even when they have a memorable line, they’re not really that meaningful because these characters are given no depth or characterization. We’re never given a good reason to care about what these characters do or what happens to them. 

While watching this movie, I thought about one of Ritchie’s previous films, Snatch, and how that movie made the characters worth caring for. However, Ritchie didn’t seem interested in doing the same for The Gentlemen, and the film suffers because of it. 

Ultimately, this movie doesn’t make you feel anything, which is the one thing a film is supposed to do. It looks nice but has nothing substantial. 

I give The Gentlemen a 5/10 rating.