The Irishman (2019) review

Martin Scorsese proves once again that he is the master of the mob movie.


Image courtesy of Netflix

Martin Scorsese’s latest work, The Irishman, is told from the perspective of the movie’s protagonist, Frank Sheeran, who claims to have murdered labor union leader Jimmy Hoffa.This film showcases all of Scorsese’s strengths as a director. Outstanding performances, stunning cinematography, remarkable pacing, fantastic editing: they’re all there. 

Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci are both out of their comfort zones in this film, with De Niro playing a humble hitman as opposed to his usual egotistical moneymaker. Pesci, on the other hand, is playing a laid-back and sophisticated mob boss rather than his usual unhinged criminal. Despite this, the two deliver brilliant performances. However, the true star of the movie is Al Pacino, who absolutely shines as the charismatic and cunning Jimmy Hoffa. 

Seeing as how it’s over three hours long, this movie could’ve been trimmed down a touch. But it’s worth it to see Scorsese do what he does best. It’s very difficult to craft a smart, intense, engaging film about organized crime, and yet Scorsese makes it look easy. If this turns out to be his last gangster epic, he’d certainly be exiting the genre on a high note.

The Irishman is one of, if not the, best movies of 2019. One could even go as far as to call it the best mafia film in years.

I give The Irishman a 10/10 rating.