‘Year One’: a pandemic plot

‘Year One’ by Nora Roberts is a thrilling tale of life in a world conquered by sickness, not unlike the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Forsaken. Confused. Terrified. A land of destruction and loss conquers mankind with one word: Doom.

Year One by Nora Roberts is a dystopian fiction novel that focuses on a deadly disease dubbed the Doom. Reading this story, it may be possible to see some parallels between Roberts’ world and our own. This plague is a nightmarish version of the pandemic, and the disease completely overtakes over the world. Some people are luckily immune but others are easily killed by it. The disease spreads quickly, but fear spreads faster. People began to rebel against the government, making it collapse.

Readers get to dive into a world of survivors, where every stranger that is confronted could be either a savage or a savior. No one knows exactly where they are heading, or why, and it is a time of uncertainty for all. Despite the hardships they face, the dark, unexpected heroes are able to get through the plague and find a light in the destruction. The story pushes forth the idea: the best thing about being at rock bottom is that one can only improve.

This novel shows readers that their lives can be better by not taking shortcuts; it tells the tale of people who have lost so much, but they still could find positivity within themselves. Although the story is exaggerated and an extreme example, it explains how the world will not always go as planned and that one must adjust to the circumstances given to them. It is a great book to help people deal with the struggles that life has to offer. The characters in this book make the reader feel comfortable, and there may not be a more proper time to relate to them than during the current pandemic.

As Roberts writes, “Don’t let the fear and suspicion of the brutal and ignorant make you doubt yourself.”

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