COVID-19 cancels entertainment

Due to the ongoing global pandemic, almost the entire entertainment industry has come to a halt.


Image Courtesy of Zainab Kabir

Corona Virus halts the Entertainment Industry

Most networks have canceled almost all production of all television shows and movies. Television series from Grey’s Anatomy to Stranger Things have delayed the release date of their newest seasons, keeping all of their watchers in suspense.

Movies such as A Quiet Place Part II, Peter Rabbit II: The Runaway, Fast and Furious 9 and others have pushed their release date back to later this year and some have even pushed the release date as far as 2021. Additionally, COVID-19 has stopped movies in production, possibly pushing release dates until 2022 or later. Many live shows have stopped production but some have resorted to producing shows from home, like The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The pandemic has taken over all aspects of life as we know it and now it has taken over the entertainment business. Time will only tell the long-term effects on the industry.

Watch a snippet of Fallon’s show below, encouraging social distancing and staying at home: