TOP 10 Instagram accounts to check out during quarantine

Need new hobbies to explore during the summer? Here are some accounts that offer new skills, all for free and at the tip of your fingers!


Image courtesy of Shutterstock

1. Rupikaur_

Rupi Kaur is a Canadian poet who has published many well-known books, such as Milk and Honey and The Sun and her Flowers. She is also an illustrator and has drawn all the images in her book. On her Instagram, she includes many inspirational and beautiful poems on her page. Not only does she expose her followers to the beauty of her writing but she encourages them to find their own. Every now and then she hosts a writing workshop on Instagram live, where you can visit and try her exercises. These exercises are not only for people who are writers and readers but also for those who want to relieve their stress or express themselves on a page, even if they are not particularly good at writing. She has done four so far, and has saved all of them on her IGTV, with access for all to try! I recommend her Instagram as it allows me to be more motivated and refresh my mind whenever I do her workshops; sometimes I end up writing decent pieces that I never knew I was capable of.

2. Aliabdaal

Ali Abdaal’s Instagram page offers multiple things to learn. He focuses on no particular thing, instead, he explores study techniques, books to read, and technology reviews. I highly suggest his Instagram for anyone looking for inspiration and is lagging behind on their motivation for school work, or any work in general. He even has a youtube channel where he goes more into depth. Definitely check out his website for articles and a link to his podcast where he and his brother talk about topics they have been discovering and learning about during that week. Personally, I listen to his podcast almost every morning and love to watch his book recommendation videos. I definitely think this is a great account to check out if you are on your way to college or need motivation during this time!

3. Nabelanoorhome

This account belongs to YouTuber Nabela Noor who has a passion for interior designing and shares her journey in life on youtube. She made this account to show off the decorations in her house and any new products she finds. During the pandemic, she has attracted a greater following due to her TikTok videos. The videos are a short montage of aesthetically pleasing clips of things she’s been doing during the quarantine.

4. Msjennawillis

Most gyms are closed during this time, and many of us are sick and tired of going for a jog or walk outside. This is a great account for getting ideas to spice up your workout routine. Jenna Willis offers exercise routines where she takes you through them step by step, and if you’re lucky enough you can catch her doing it live! Working out alone at home is not the easiest thing, and her step by step videos make it easier to get active. Check out her Instagram, browse her IGTV, and get started!

5. Studychaii

This is another great account for study motivation. It consists of multiple aesthetically pleasing pictures of notes and homework, it’s very unlikely that work can look so pleasing. I consistently take a scroll on the page when I am running out of motivation to do my assignments. Along with Instagram, studychaii is linked to a youtube account which is definitely worth checking out!

6. Mybigfathallalblog_

Getting sick and tired of eating the same thing every day? Have you opened the fridge with no clue what to make? If so, I  highly suggest you check this page out for delicious recipes that are simple and easy to recreate. It is hard to get groceries these days and some of us may be running low, but this account is fit for all. It does not take long to make the recipes and it doesn’t take a lot of ingredients. Mybigfathallalblog_ includes a great range of diverse recipes that you can make for both lunch and dinner!

7. Healthymealtoday

If you’re looking for something healthier, I suggest this account as it offers a collection of simple and healthy recipes. Again, these recipes are simple and only need a few minutes and a small number of ingredients!

8. Sarahshakeel

Shakeel’s art has been recognized on album covers and by many celebrities. Her art sparkles and glitters this difficult time, she takes basic pictures and adds glam to them! Just by looking at her posts, you will get some inspiration.

9. Booklanguage

Booklanguage is a great account to check out if you want to start reading some more books! It has some great book recommendations and reviews that are helpful for anyone looking to delve into some new novels during quarantine.

10. Morganharpernichols

Nichols is a published author and illustrator, her posts are great for motivation, or if you’re feeling down. She offers beautiful poetry with great illustrations and her content is perfect for this difficult time!