Should Riverdale Release a Fifth Season?

Riverdale is a show produced by The CW that has been running since it came out on Jan. 26, 2017. What started as a serious murder-mystery filled with drama, however, evolved into something else entirely.


Image from Shutterstock. The cast of Riverdale at Comic-Con

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When Riverdale came out, it had a plot that made sense; the character’s actions moved the plot forward. There was a reason for the show to be released, and I thoroughly enjoyed the first season. It was a thrilling murder-mystery based on the characters from Archie Comics. The first season was centered around the murder of Jason Blossom, the son of the richest family in the town of Riverdale. 

The purpose of the first season was to discover the murderer of Jason Blossom. But, once the murderer was found, the show had no reason to continue. The second season (which consisted of trying to find a masked serial killer that was wreaking havoc) was not the best, but it still had a plot that was quasi-rational. 

After that, it seemed as if The CW was simply rushing the release of new shows; seasons lacked genuine substance. Furthermore, each episode from that point on consisted of dramatic events that did not tie together, and it makes it hard to discern what a season is about. That makes trying to understand the past four seasons very difficult. 

This brings me to season five. Season five is set to release on Jan. 20, 2021, and I am interested to see what happens to the characters this time. Is this season also going to throw random, highly-dramatized events together to spice up each episode? With the way each season is set up, it seems so.