Picture of different hobby ideas from Haripriya Kemisetti
Picture of different hobby ideas from Haripriya Kemisetti

Bored No More

The coronavirus may have caused many negative effects but it has left time to develop new talents and skills.

March 3, 2021

A world where students and parents work from home and a place where everyone is forced to wear a mask would have been completely unbelievable a year ago. This has, however, become a reality and even part of the daily routine for many people. This experience, no matter how different, has left an opportunity to expand talents and develop new skills within the home. Here are some great things to learn when at home: 


With the warm smell of taking a delicious treat out of the oven, many individuals find solace in baking. From the precise measurements to the gratifying end results, baking helps relieve stress and gives people something to do with idle time.


While not much different from baking, cooking leads to a diverse range of foods to try. It can be a great way to spend extra time because it allows you to learn something new whether it’s about your family, other places, or about yourself. 


The art of folding has become quite a popular hobby in modern times. All that is needed is a piece of paper. One can create all kinds of origami from simple ones to complex ones, allowing people to master this art form. 

DIY Home Decor: 

Another creative area to invest time is in Do It Yourself (DIY) crafts. This allows individuals to create new things out of household items. There are many great websites to find such DIY projects.  


As a very popular pastime, painting has been used as therapy or just a fun way to express oneself for decades. This hobby allows people to develop their focus and skills. Some even pursue painting as a future career.  Supplies can be found at stores and online shopping websites like amazon


Apart from painting, drawing can also be a great investment of an individual’s time. Drawing is yet another way for people to express themselves and develop their creativity. For this hobby, people only need a writing utensil and a platform.  Supplies can be found at stores and online shopping websites


Another great hobby to pursue is gardening, where individuals get to plant new plants, whether for appearance purposes or to develop self-sufficiency. By watching seeds turn into plants, gardening also helps people appreciate life. Supplies can be found at stores and online shopping websites


Another way to entertain oneself is through writing. This hobby includes writing poems, books, or journals. This can be a great way to express thoughts and emotions. It also builds writing and vocabulary skills.


While writing is a creative way to express oneself, reading allows people to escape their reality and find solace within stories. Reading is a great hobby because it develops literature and language skills, while also providing entertainment.  Some new and popular books can be found on this website

The coronavirus pandemic may have taken away a lot from people, but it has also given new opportunities. Working from home gives some people more time to hone their skills or develop new skills and hobbies. By trying new things, people can learn more about their interests. The hobbies listed above are only some of the many others, and people can develop them through videos, articles, loved ones, and other places.

Try this quiz to select your next hobby!

Video about how to create an origami crane provided by YouTube

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Video about how to create a painting of a moon provided by YouTube


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