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“Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery”: Did Netflix Sabotage the Sequel to “Knives Out”?
“Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery”: Did Netflix Sabotage the Sequel to “Knives Out”?
Julia Driscoll, Staff Reporter • February 9, 2023

Glass Onion came out last year on Nov. 23, in theaters, then was added to Netflix on Dec. 23. The sequel follows Detective Benoit Blanc on a Greek island with a technology billionaire and his friends. The movie was directed by Rian Johnson who plans on...

Actions To Take To Overcome Seasonal Depression
Sophia Angermund, Staff Reporter • February 9, 2023

Do you struggle with finding things to keep you active during the long winter months? Winter tends to feel endless and sometimes one can end up with seasonal depression because of that. Here are some activities to fill up your calendar and avoid that...

Jake Sullys son Loak is riding a Tulkun on the planet Pandora.
Avatar: Way of Water Review
Alex Garcia, Local and World Editor • February 6, 2023

I did not have high hopes entering this movie. Built on the fact that, ever since I was little, I have hated the blue people from Avatar. They always rubbed me the wrong way. Whether they fell into the uncanny valley or they were just an off-putting departure...

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Kinnelon Varsity Cross Country team won the 2022-2023 Group 1 State Championship.
There’s no Hack to Running Track!
Jake Piccola, Staff Reporter • March 24, 2023

POP! POP! POP! The repeated starting pistol rattles off just as each race starts. A sign for track runners which signals that it is time to show out. Last season was one for the record books for Kinnelon,...

Guard Nick Canariato dribbles around a Boonton defender with just minutes left in the game.
The New Look Kinnelon Boys Basketball Team
Dillon Fleksher, Staff Reporter • February 8, 2023

Kinnelon Basketball has gotten off to a scorching hot start so far this season. The team, led by Nick Canariato and Dylan Charles, has a record of 13-6. A pair of four-game winning streaks have been the...

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For last year’s St. Baldrick’s fundraiser, KHS Seniors utilized Instagram to spread the word to the Kinnelon community.
What is Senior Service at KHS?
After AP exams at KHS, seniors are given the opportunity to spend nearly a month helping out the local community.
Alex Garcia, Local and World Editor • March 21, 2023
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KHS graduation requirements as outlined in the Program of Studies.
High School Scheduling for Dummies
Behind the scenes on the process shaping a year of your life.
Nathan Shurts, Staff Writer • March 19, 2023
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Operation Smile Runs the First Teacher Talent Show
Operation Smile Runs the First Teacher Talent Show
How an Upstart Club Spreads Smiles Around the World
Nathan Shurts, Staff Reporter • February 10, 2023
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Freshman Paige Drazenovic ignores Teacher Nicholas 
Gebhardt while on her phone as he takes her through work.
A Whole Lifetime On A Screen
What do the students at Kinnelon High School think about using phones during school hours, beneficial or not?
Courtney Darlington, Staff Reporter • December 29, 2022
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New superintendent David Mango has taken over and is tasked with overseeing the entire district while attempting to improve student experiences.
New Superintendent Hopeful to Improve District
Alanna Gallagher, Staff Writer • March 27, 2023

New superintendent David Mango assumed his new role in the Kinnelon School District in October of this school year, replacing interim superintendent Anthony Riscica, who took over for Diane DiGiussepe when she resigned in...

Music: The Universal Language
Sofia Villegas, Writer • February 12, 2023

When I’m let into Lauren Dumaresq’s room, I immediately notice all of her posters. Each one features a different band, including KISS, Queen, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, and Guns and Roses. She’s wearing a KISS shirt, featuring...

Rising Star Tomas Ospina: Actor, Documentary Subject, and Musician
Owen Fernstrom, Writer • February 12, 2023

Listening as Tomas Ospina speaks, it's easy to see how widespread his interests are. In his interview he spoke on music, acting, writing, working minimum wage, and even law. After seeing his incredible comedic performance...

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A large crowd of people relax on the beach during spring break.
Increasing Travel Prices Bode Ill for Spring Break
Will Cappello, Opinion Editor • March 18, 2023

Almost four years ago, the US experienced a nationwide lockdown as the COVID-19 pandemic spread rapidly. Consequently, travel was prohibited in order to slow the spread of the virus. After those restrictions...

The main menu for the AI app ChatGPT.
Artificial Intelligence Begins to Takeover
Lucas Marin , Staff Writer • March 17, 2023

“By 2030, Artificial Intelligence will add 15.7 trillion dollars to the world's GDP, boosting it by 14 percent,” according to Simplilearn. People want to change the world with artificial intelligence;...

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Infographic by Julia Driscoll.
Book Bannings: Protecting Kids or Violating the First Amendment?
Julia Driscoll, Staff Writer • March 20, 2023

Adviser’s Note: The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this opinion article belong solely to the author and do not reflect the view of The Colt Chronicle Staff, Kinnelon High School, or its students...

Mental health resource located on Mrs. Wysocki’s door between the two gyms. Photo by Kristina Haviland
Suicide Is Not Simple
Kristina Haviland, Editor-In-Chief • March 19, 2023
KHS girls volleyball team plays at an away match. Photo from Lors Studio photo archive.
Nobody Cares about Women’s Sports
Aarushi Kumar, Staff Reporter • February 5, 2023
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