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What Went on Behind The Curtains of The ‘Clue’ Play?
Peyton Triano, Staff Reporter • January 9, 2023

The lights start to dim, as the spotlight starts to shimmer. The curtain slowly opens, as the crowd roars. Revealed behind the curtains is the spectacular setup of stage props, and a cast that is ready to perform their project that has been in the making...

Lorde was one of the earliest signs of the Monogenre’s growth
The Monogenre and its Effects on Pop
Owen Fernstrom, Staff Writer • December 21, 2022

Music, especially pop, has and will always be engulfed in cliche. The I-V-vi-IV chord progression, vocal fry, and even something as simple as a song about a song is steeped in the history of music. But more and more as time goes on from the 2010s to now,...

An example of a Hot Cocoa bar.
Fun Memories to Make When Stuck at Home During the Winter
Peyton Triano, Staff Writer • December 21, 2022

With the leaves falling, the sun setting early, and the weather getting colder, winter has officially begun. It gets boring being stuck inside, but what if it doesn’t have to be? Here are some fun activities to do in the winter. A classic activity...

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The KHS football team would not have got this far without the efforts of Coach Grande. Grande was a Super Football Conference(SFC) winner which contributed to their success.
The Crusade of the Colts!
Jake Piccola, Staff Reporter • November 28, 2022

The Colts kept going with pure momentum coming into their next game against Brearly. The Brearly team had a rather successful 9-0 regular season record including a forfeit. The teams met at Brearley High...

Image from GettyImages. N’Golo Kante being escorted off the field after sustaining an injury in a premier league match for Chelsea FC.
A World Cup Without Players?
Will Cappello, Opinion Editor • November 17, 2022

The staple tournament of international soccer, the FIFA World Cup, has been held in the summer once every four years since its inception. However, this year, in order to accommodate the environment of...

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Freshman Paige Drazenovic ignores Teacher Nicholas 
Gebhardt while on her phone as he takes her through work.
A Whole Lifetime On A Screen
Courtney Darlington, Staff Reporter • December 29, 2022

As a student finishes her work with nothing to do she pulls out her phone to text her mom asking about a ride home. Her teacher immediately takes the phone away and she never gets a chance to tell her...

Nathan Shurts working on new Colts For Kids events. Photo by Sofia Villegas
A New Club Is On the Rise
Sofia Villegas, Staff Reporter • December 27, 2022

  Freshman year Nathan Shurts came up with the idea for a new club: an entirely student run organization dedicated to organizing events for the kids in the community. Three years later, Colts for...

9th and 10th-grade students taking fitness tests in physical education
Physical Education: Should Students Be Allowed To Skip It?
Olivia Bsales, Staff Reporter • December 24, 2022

Students and teachers at KHS’ gave their opinions about letting kids replace their gym class with another class if they participate in after-school sports.   Students who do after-school sports...

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Photo by Stephanie Warnica. Madelyn Kowalsky playing soccer at her last game of the season.
Madelyn Kowalsky Commits to University of Texas at Dallas
Allison Warnica, Staff Writer • December 13, 2022

Fourteen years ago, Madelyn Kowalsky stepped into her first soccer practice. She was very nervous but excited to play. Her mother got her into soccer and never expected that it would be such a big part of her life. Her family...

Photo by Shreyasi Sharma. This photo shows the Kinnelon High School track and field course. It also shows the soccer
team in the photo.
Soccer, Basketball, Archery… What's Your Favorite Gym Unit?
Shreyasi Sharma, Staff Writer • December 13, 2022

You are a senior in high school, and today was the worst day of your week. You had three tests in a row, a pop quiz, and have a tremendous amount of homework due tomorrow. This dreary week drags on as you walk to your gym...

Triano’s Halloween BOO Basket fundraiser homemade treats from 2021.
Baking Her Way To Help Her Community
Kristina Haviland, Editor-in-Chief • November 30, 2022

Over the past couple of years, Freshman Peyton Triano has contributed to her community by founding a charity called Compassionate Kids, NJ and starting her own baking business. Not only have her baked goods and donations...

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Klevtsov planning his trip to Kalahari for Thanksgiving weekend.
Kinnelon Students’ Thanksgiving Festivities
Lucas Marin, Staff Reporter • November 22, 2022

Thanksgiving is the time of year where families gather and cherish their moments together. Kinnelon students are preparing for a week filled with joyful activities including traveling. According to USA...

An assortment of crowns owned by the British.
Jewels Tinged in Blood
Aarushi Kumar, Staff Reporter • November 21, 2022

  The Tower of London is one of the oldest monuments in the U.K. Built during the 1070s, it’s a historical example of the European style of gothic architecture of the High and Late middle ages. The...

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A view of Kinnelon High School and its parking lot.
Off-Campus Senior Lunch and the Benefits of Student Freedoms
The Colt Chronicle Editorial Staff January 19, 2023

Adviser’s Note: The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this opinion article belong solely to the author and do not reflect the view of The Colt Chronicle Staff, Kinnelon High School, or its students...

Image from NBC sports. Cristiano Ronaldo (left) and Lionel Messi (right) in their international uniforms.
Qatar 2022: The Last Chance?
Will Cappello, Opinion Editor • September 30, 2022
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