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One of the album covers for Swifts new album
The Tortured Poets Department Review
Julia Haines May 18, 2024

The Album’s Release Taylor Swift amazed fans after announcing her new album The Tortured Poets Department during her acceptance speech at the Grammys. The singer-songwriter received her fourteenth Grammy, the Grammy award for Album of the Year, for...

The Wiz performance in Broadway
Ease on Down to Broadway
Ava Gutkin May 18, 2024

The Broadway lineup for this spring is incredibly crowded. With new shows coming and going, productions have to make their mark if they want to stay relevant. “The Wiz” is no different. As one of the newest shows to open on Broadway, the show has...

A Photo of the three new spicy refreshers
Spice up your sips
Sofia Solensky May 18, 2024

  Just like the weather, Starbucks is heating it's drinks.  They recently came out with a new spicy refresher, which includes three flavors: Spicy Strawberry, Spicy Pineapple, and Spicy Dragon Fruit. On Tuesday, Apr. 16, Starbucks came...

Pillsbury chocolate chip cookies
The CookieMeter
May 18, 2024
Updates on the Girls Lacrosse Team: Start of the Season
Updates on the Girls Lacrosse Team: Start of the Season
Montana Brush, Staff Reporter • April 8, 2024

It’s that time of year for spring sports to start back up; especially girls lacrosse. Although the season just started a couple of weeks ago that hasn’t stopped the players from preparing themselves...

The lacrosse team huddles up before the game.
KHS Student-Athletes Have Settled Into their Seasons as Spring Sports Officially Begin
Liyana Aslani, Aslani • April 8, 2024

The KHS girls' lax team cannot wait to get back on the field this spring KINNELON, NJ. — The Kinnelon Colts Girls Lacrosse team is filled with anticipation for the season ahead. Their first official...

KGB team photo after a win against New Milford in the NJSIAA playoffs.
Kinnelon Girls Basketball Season Comes to an End
Chiara Dreyer, Staff Reporter • March 8, 2024

Kinnelon Girls Basketball mothers wiping their tears with one hand while taking pictures in the other capturing their kid's senior night in the Kinnelon High School gym. Looking back on freshman year,...

Students at National Honor Society induction Photo by Olivia Bsales
Academic Updates at KHS
Olivia Bsales, Staff Reporter • April 12, 2024
Different types of technology that students may use.
Technology Most Used in KHS Classrooms
Technology has taken a turn on the way students learn new things in high school classrooms
Sienna Fein, Staff Writer • April 8, 2024
Melina Lucci’s promposal to attend the Jefferson High School prom.
Proposal? More like PROMPOSAL.
KHS students share their 2024 promposal plans for this year's upcoming prom
Riley Darlington, A&E Editor • April 2, 2024
Songs appearing on the March Madness event bracket.
The Sound of Music
Tri-M’s March Madness event has brought music to the KHS community
Aarushi Kumar, Editor-in-Chief • March 27, 2024
Spring Print Issue
Spring Print Issue
March 19, 2024
Why Students Should Join the New Debate Club
Why Students Should Join the New Debate Club
An emerging new club allows students to work on their debate skills and expand their extracurriculars!
Julia Haines, Staff Reporter • February 26, 2024
A screenshot of a Boston College Class of 2028 page where students can meet others and find a roommate.
Who Will It Be?
Kristina Haviland, Editor-in-Chief • April 12, 2024

As seniors prepare to end their high school career and move into the next chapter of their lives, those who are attending college have been through a stressful application process. Between writing supplemental essays and...

KHS yearbooks over the years located in room 204.
2023-2024 Yearbook Updates
Julia Mieczkowski, Staff Writer • April 10, 2024

To feel included, or not to be included; that is the question… As yearbooks are distributed in June, some students may wonder whether they were included past their standard yearbook photo.  Some might notice that...

Instagram page where senior decisions are posted.
Keeping Up with the Seniors
Madison Bsales, Features Editor • April 2, 2024

As college commitment day, May 1, approaches, our seniors find their future homes daily. With the help of a non-KHS affiliated instagram page @khs.seniors.2024 run by senior Sophia Martin, students can DM (direct message)...

Tiktok is at the brink of extinction in the United States if China does not sell
Is TikTok being erased from social media forever?
Amelie Swiatek, Staff Reporter • March 27, 2024

TikTok might be on the brink of being booted from the app store in a matter of months.  The TikTok ban has been a recent debate in the House of Congress. On Mar. 13, the House passed a bill that would...

This is an image of an exit leading to Clinton Road
Exploring one of the Scariest Roads Near Kinnelon
Shreyasi Sharma, Staff Reporter • March 1, 2024

 It is dark and gloomy; trees sway with the wind's movement. You were driving down Route 23, West Milford, and came across a sketchy road. You looked at your surroundings and felt a lump in your throat;...

Racing Against the Clock
Racing Against the Clock
Ava Gutkin, Staff Reporter • February 28, 2024

Around every 240 days, the world experiences arguably two of the most hated days of the year. The clock changes, when the world either “springs forward,” or “falls back” into reality. Despite this...


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Student walking on college campus.
Cracking the Admissions Code is Not Impossible
Kristina Haviland, Editor-in-Chief • April 16, 2024

According to Quad Education Group, current Ivy League acceptance rates have dropped to extremely low numbers, ranging from 3.3 percent to 7.3 percent. With nearly over a hundred thousand applicants, top...