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Best fall drinks
Best fall drinks
Kira Symmons, Staff Reporter • October 27, 2022

Arguably, the best part of fall are the warm and cozy drinks that come with it. After a summer of iced coffee, lemonade, and more cold drinks, people are ready to relax with these warm fan favorites.  1. Pumpkin spice latte Starting Aug. 30 the...

Pumpkins are a staple of the fall season
Fun Fall Activities To Do With Friends
Sophia Angermund, Staff Writer • October 21, 2022

Having trouble coming up with some things to  do with your friends this fall? Fall is a time full of  endless seasonal activities to keep one and one’s  friends' time filled! Keep on reading to get some ideas  on what to do this fall… Pumpkin...

Marvel movie cover picture collage
Marvel Update
Sarah Brechner, Staff Reporter and Editor • March 28, 2022

Good things are already coming with the new year; but Marvel has blessed the world, yet again, with a new string of Marvel movies to be released within the year! Marvel is about 83 years old, yet new movies and tv shows keep coming out every year to help...

Sakshi Post
Spider-Man: No Way Home
January 14, 2022
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Image from GettyImages. N’Golo Kante being escorted off the field after sustaining an injury in a premier league match for Chelsea FC.
A World Cup Without Players?
Will Cappello, Opinion Editor • November 17, 2022

The staple tournament of international soccer, the FIFA World Cup, has been held in the summer once every four years since its inception. However, this year, in order to accommodate the environment of...

The KHS football team watches on as they play against North Warren.
‘Grande’ Changes Coming to KHS Football
Dillon Fleksher, Staff Reporter • October 9, 2022

  After a 2021 season where the Colts varsity football team finished 2-8, the head coaching reins were given to Dustin Grande. Previous head coach Kevin White, who led the Colts to their only State...

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(Photos by Jenna Dermksian)
Carving Into the National Art Honor Society
Riley Macmanus November 17, 2022

The Kinnelon High School National Art Honor Society has officially been established for the 2022-2023 year and their first assignment in celebration of the Halloween season was a pumpkin carving contest...

Sat Breakdown by Income and Race
Sat Breakdown by Income and Race
Alex Garcia, Local and World Editor • October 28, 2022

This is the photo of the flyer that was sent out to inform students about the dance that is on Saturday, Oct. 22nd, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Homecoming is Coming Home to KHS!
Shreyasi Sharma, Staff Writer • October 21, 2022

When the air gets crisp, and the leaves start to turn, many students think about homecoming. That was simply not always a reality for all students last year, except for the seniors, because of COVID; This...

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Triano’s Halloween BOO Basket fundraiser homemade treats from 2021.
Baking Her Way To Help Her Community
Kristina Haviland, Editor-in-Chief • November 30, 2022

Over the past couple of years, Freshman Peyton Triano has contributed to her community by founding a charity called Compassionate Kids, NJ and starting her own baking business. Not only have her baked goods and donations...

One of the donation rooms at the Kinnelon Food Pantry.
Hungry to Help
Kristina Haviland, Editor-in-Chief • September 30, 2022

Hunger is a nationwide epidemic that does not appear to be going away, no matter how developed the country becomes. The USDA estimates that 10.2% of U.S. households were food insecure throughout 2021—that’s 13.5 million...

The girls volleyball team showed teamwork at a game last season.
The Experiences Behind the Game
Kristina Haviland, Editor-in-Chief • August 31, 2022

  As the start of the school year approaches, so do the fall sports at KHS; particularly, the girls volleyball team. The team has a very demanding schedule of practices and games, making it challenging to manage a...

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Klevtsov planning his trip to Kalahari for Thanksgiving weekend.
Kinnelon Students’ Thanksgiving Festivities
Lucas Marin, Staff Reporter • November 22, 2022

Thanksgiving is the time of year where families gather and cherish their moments together. Kinnelon students are preparing for a week filled with joyful activities including traveling. According to USA...

An assortment of crowns owned by the British.
Jewels Tinged in Blood
Aarushi Kumar, Staff Reporter • November 21, 2022

  The Tower of London is one of the oldest monuments in the U.K. Built during the 1070s, it’s a historical example of the European style of gothic architecture of the High and Late middle ages. The...

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Image from AP News. Protestors gather outside of the Supreme Court during the Dobbs hearings.
Roe v Wade Overturned, Political Polarization on the Rise
Nathan Shurts, Staff Writer • October 6, 2022

Adviser’s Note: The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this opinion article belong solely to the author and do not reflect the view of The Colt Chronicle Staff, Kinnelon High School, or its students...

Image from NBC sports. Cristiano Ronaldo (left) and Lionel Messi (right) in their international uniforms.
Qatar 2022: The Last Chance?
Will Cappello, Opinion Editor • September 30, 2022
Caitlin Ward receiving a plant from the staff in Kinnelon High School.
Trees Don’t Stop Climate Change
Shreyasi Sharma, Staff Reporter • August 29, 2022
KHS students playing volleyball at the Smoke Rise Beach.
Five Ways To Stay Productive This Summer
Kristina Haviland, Editor-in-Chief • August 13, 2022
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