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COVID-19 Testing in Pro Sports

Packed stadiums is a sight that is far from being seen as the increase of cases slows the process for many major sports leagues.

Brian Lane, Staff Reporter

July 22, 2020

As a result of COVID-19, the active pandemic that has done its fair share of damage to people around the world, professional sports organizations are faced with the extremely difficult task of properly testing all of their players before resuming play.  Fans across the world are eager to once agai...

How coronavirus is affecting the MLB

Major League Baseball logo, one of the many leagues at crossroads due to this pandemic.

Richard Daniele, Staff reporter

April 16, 2020

As the number of cases of COVID-19 around the globe has skyrocketed, officials of many major sports leagues, including Major League Baseball, have postponed league plays indefinitely.  The latest news on the popular American sport is that the executives of Major League Baseball are considering making...

The Death of Sports?

Some examples of the sporting events cancelled due to the coronavirus.

Michael Lally, Staff Reporter

April 13, 2020

The sports world as we know it has been crushed by the recent COVID-19 pandemic. As many sports outlets have nothing for viewers, they have turned to the past, the coronavirus-free times, and decided to air non-stop reruns of old championship games and iconic sports moments. TV channels such as ESPN, ESPN2...

To Play or Not to Play

Visual image of reaction when 2 helmets collide in football.

Michael Lally, Staff Reporter

November 15, 2019

  Throughout history, sports have advanced technologically, and studies have revealed their true danger. One injury in particular seems to be growing more prevalent and feared by the year. This injury is mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI), better known as a concussion. Concussions have been a n...

A new type of champion, for better or worse

ESPN’s Fantasy Football logo, a platform that has gained 11 million users in a single week

Michael Lally, Staff Reporter

October 20, 2019

When people think of a champion, what often comes to mind is the endless amount of medals and trophies laid upon the winner as they stand tall atop the podium. What has become increasingly common is a new-- digital-- form of champion. Fantasy football is new to the sports scene as millions of peopl...

Yankees’ war with umpires

Boone yelling at umpire Joe West

Ricky Daniele, Staff Reporter

October 13, 2019

Three ejections were issued to the New York Yankees in a game against the Cleveland Indians on Aug. 17. The Yankees' skipper, which is baseball’s version of a head coach, Aaron Boone received the first of these penalties after arguing a strikeout by outfielder Cameron Maybin with the umpire. ...

Falling back into fall sports

Kinnelon student section dresses with a USA theme for the Kinnelon vs Wallkill Valley matchup. Picture credit: KHS athletics Twitter.

Michael Lally, Staff Reporter

October 10, 2019

    The colorful leaves slowly falling from the trees, the cold bitter air bringing sweatshirts back into season.  Fall has arrived, bringing all of the jam-packed football games, night-time soccer matches, and weekly volleyball games. Football, boys and girls soccer, cross country, and volley...

Boone Ejected in Yankees Win

Aaron Boone, Manager of the New York Yankees, argues balls and strikes at home-plate ump, Brennan Miller.

Ricky Daniele, Staff Reporter

August 3, 2019

New York Yankees manager, Aaron Boone, was recently ejected from the baseball game on July 18 against the Tampa Bay Rays. Brennan Miller, the home-plate umpire, ejected Boone for arguing balls and strikes. Miller, who was just promoted to the big leagues, took an ample amount of heat from the Yankees on...

NBA Playoff Predictions Analysis

NBA Playoffs Logo

Devon Diamante and Keifer Kowalczyk

May 10, 2019

It’s been thirteen long years. Stars were born. Legends were made. Icons became iconic. Dynasties started, dynasties ended. And for the first time in 13 years, LeBron James will not be in the NBA playoffs. He has made the finals eight seasons in a row and acquired three championships during that span.   However,...

Kinnelon High School College Athletes

Kinnelon High School College Athletes

Brian Lane, Staff Reporter

May 10, 2019

At Kinnelon High School, academic excellence is a standard. Musical excellence is a standard. And of course, so is athletic excellence. For the class of 2019, there are many athletes who are taking their skills to the next level. From schools with 2,000 students to schools with 25,000 students, Kinnelon...

Spring Track Starts Their New Season

Senior Kathryn Brown competing in triple jump.

Emma Kline, Staff Reporter

April 8, 2019

The first day of spring sports came up on everyone quickly. New team members were introduced, new and old coaches returned, and new goals were born. For the Kinnelon girls spring track team, their goals just got a lot bigger.   The girls track team was placed back into North I Group I, which...

Spring Lacrosse Starts Up!

The girls lacrosse team is getting ready for a great season.

Hiba Shaikh, Staff Reporter

March 28, 2019

New season. New opportunities. New starts. Kinnelon High School girls and boys lacrosse teams gear up for another spring sports season. The girls lacrosse team not only starts off with a new spring season but with a new coach. “Coming in as a new coach I am looking forward to starting off fresh,”...

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