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The Student News Site of Kinnelon High School

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The Student News Site of Kinnelon High School

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Image of the JWST mirror before being launched into space.

Webb Telescope Provides First Images of Cosmos

Aarushi Kumar, Staff Reporter September 2, 2022

  Millions of stars blaze into existence all across the universe, light years away from our planet. The far reaches of the galaxy have remained inaccessible to our eyes and instruments.   Until...

Will climate change be affecting the typical spring weather this year?

Will climate change be affecting the typical spring weather this year?

Sophia Angermund, Staff Reporter March 30, 2022

What Exactly is Climate Change? Climate change is the long-term change in the typical weather patterns throughout the Earth’s climate. The greenhouse gasses that get put out, trapped in the atmosphere,...

Picture of Vex robots taken in room 107 where TSA club is held

The Tipping Point

Aarushi Kumar, Staff Reporter/Writer January 23, 2022

The VEX Tipping Point competition requires a team of participants to move their robots to complete specific tasks. The competition takes place in New Jersey, then gradually moves up to states and then...

NASA Terrier-Improved Orion suborbital rocket launch

The Future of Space Travel- Traversing the Final Frontier

Nathan Shurts December 3, 2021

Whether it's the USS Enterprise in Star Trek, a Tie Fighter from Star Wars, or a Quinjet from the Marvel movies, we are all familiar with spaceships and their ability to make short work of a multi-lightyear...

Minority in the STEM field.

Groundbreaking Minorities

Zenobia Ahsanuddin, Staff writer February 24, 2021

In the past, people of color have been underrepresented, especially in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields. However, the following individuals have broken down the barriers...

The consequences of online communities can be far-reaching— and potentially devastating. Photo by dole777 on Unsplash.

How are virtual communities affecting our society and those around us?

Daniel Yu, Staff Reporter February 10, 2021

Just weeks after ex-President Trump rallied an insurrection against Congress through Twitter, a community of Reddit users have taken the fight against authority to Wall Street— using the stock market...

A white Tesla sedan parked on the road.

Tesla Revamps Old Models

Alex Garcia, Local/World News Editor February 8, 2021

On January 27, Tesla announced that it would be revamping its Model S and Model X cars. These two vehicles will make up half of the Tesla model lineup, as well as the new technology and greater speed and...

As humanity continues into the future, electric cars are replacing gas cars, which is taking the markets by storm. 
Photo from Chuttersnap, from

Electric Cars: Is the Future Here?

Zenobia Ahsanuddin, Staff Reporter January 4, 2021

From mailing to emails or books to ebooks, the future is taking the world by storm as everything around us becomes more automated, responsive, and safer. Cars are no exception, as the rise of the electric...

Above, the timeline shows the success of Phase 3, and what the next step is for the BNT126b2 vaccine. Graphic made by Zenobia Ahsanuddin.

Is the End Near?

Zenobia Ahsanuddin , Staff Reporter December 1, 2020

What was once supposed to be a short and temporary lockdown has now stretched on for eight long months. When will it all end? Recently, the news has announced that a vaccine is almost ready to be dispensed....

Leaves start off with green hues from a molecule called chlorophyll, then gradually change to warmer colors along with the decreasing amount of sunlight.

Changing Leaves for the Changing Times

Zenobia Ahsanuddin, Staff Reporter November 15, 2020

The changing seasons not only bring differing temperatures but also changing leaves. During the autumn season, the leaves change from a greenish color to colors of red, orange, yellow, and tan, and then...

Each snowflake is made up of different features because the water freezes in different structures, making no two flakes alike. Photo taken by Marc Newberry from Unsplash.

How does it snow?

Zenobia Ahsanuddin, Staff Reporter November 7, 2020

When snowflakes begin to decorate our windows, it is a sign that winter is ahead. Like people, no two snowflakes are alike. Each has a different design, completely unique from the rest. How is that possible?...

Electron micrograph picture shows SARS- Cov-2 (in yellow-orange), grown in a controlled lab environment. Photo taken by the NIAID Media Team.

Flu vs. Covid Season

Zenobia Ahsanuddin, Staff Reporter October 30, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues into autumn, it may overlap with the flu: another type of respiratory virus. Although each of the viruses are bad on its own, when combined, they raise major health concerns...

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