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Will climate change be affecting the typical spring weather this year?

Get prepared on the weather to expect this spring season

What Exactly is Climate Change?

Climate change is the long-term change in the typical weather patterns throughout the Earth’s climate. The greenhouse gasses that get put out, trapped in the atmosphere, create a blanket around the atmosphere. This blanket then makes the sun’s heat unable to leave the atmosphere, which leads to rising temperatures. The increasing temperatures then create a domino effect. An example is that the ice starts to melt, and then the oceans start to rise, which leads to hurricanes and tsunamis, which then cause a lot of destruction, etc.

Weather to Expect Across America

Many different factors drive the weather, and it’s often difficult to predict it. However, it is expected that the weather will be warmer than normal across the country. In the southern deserts and Florida, the weather is predicted to be below average. Also, rainfall is expected to increase this spring.

It is not surprising that the temperatures are looking to increase this spring. With how much greenhouse gasses get put out, temperatures are expected to rise. The temperature is rising a whopping 0.17°C per decade, meaning that each year gets hotter and hotter. When hotter temperatures occur, more evaporation happens, resulting in rainfall. So with the high temperatures expected this spring, it will also have rain come with it.

Weather to Expect Globally

The weather to expect will also be warmer than usual globally and with more rainfall. Fossil fuel use is a global problem, and therefore, the globe will be affected by the typical effects of climate change. With the higher temperatures, rain is definitely to be expected.

On the Bright Side

Good news for gardeners: Warmer temperatures expected in the spring means that planting can start early this year! The sooner you get planting, the bigger your garden will grow! Plants thrive in warm temperatures and rain, which is expected this spring. Also, with the temperatures warming, the ground will defrost faster, so make sure to keep an eye out for that nice, soft soil.

Is Climate Change Reversible?

Many believe we must care for our planet and work to reverse climate change. Some climate change effects hurt humans in the form of food shortages, destroyed infrastructure, and more natural disasters, etc. It is expected that by 2030 we will hit the real crucial point of climate change, and it will be irreversible. That’s why we need to make changes now.

Van Jones once said, “If we keep pulling death from the ground, we will reap death from the skies.” So humans need to switch from fossil fuel lifestyles to eco-friendly lifestyles. Some examples would be instead of driving to work every day, taking a bike to work, or even walking to work; or installing some solar panels in your house instead of always using electricity.

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