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From Your Car to the Stage: Drive-In Concerts

A new form of live music that is taking over the industry.
McKayla Coppla, Web Editor May 10, 2021

  Harmonizing with strangers while swaying back and forth to the tunes of your favorite bands and musicians is an experience that no one has been able to witness or be a part of for more than a...

 The members of Brockhampton during a photoshoot released around the time of their splitting announcement.

Brockhampton Bids Farewell After The Release Of Their Final Two Albums

Kevin Abstract announces the supergroup’s split after their final two releases
McKayla Coppla, Web Editor May 7, 2021

“2 brockhampton albums in 2021 - these will be our last” Kevin Abstract, a leading member of the group, tweeted just a month ago the announcement of this supergroup's final project.  Fans were...

Image from Pinterest

UEFA Champions League (UCL): The Final Four

With only four teams remaining, the UCL grows ever-closer to crowning its 2020-21 champion.
Will Cappello, Opinion Editor May 6, 2021

The UEFA Champions League, European club soccer’s most adulated tournament, has one semifinal leg remaining before the final on May 29 in Istanbul, Turkey. With no teams significantly ahead on aggregate...

Yankees game before COVID.

The Struggles of Getting to a Yankees Game

In the effort to get to a Yankees game, there are still plenty of loopholes and caveats to the newly eased COVID restrictions.
Alex Garcia, Editor-in-Chief May 6, 2021

Getting tested 72 hours before game time, 6 hours before with a rapid test, proof of vaccination, temperature check, sitting in pods, lower capacity all define the arduous process of watching the Yankees,...

Image of Brandi Levy as a young cheerleader via KUSI News.

The Supreme Court and Authority of Schools Off-Campus

A snapchat message destroys a high school cheerleader's sophomore year, sparking a debate in the United States Supreme Court.
Mikayla Smith May 6, 2021

After Brandi Levy, a former cheerleader at Mahanoy Area High School in Mahanoy, PA posted a message on Snapchat that read, “f–– school f–– softball f–– cheer f–– everything,” she ignited...

An alarm clock set to go off

Students Need Sleep

The majority of high school students are consistently exhausted from the pressures school puts on them and the habits they adopt. Students must change if they want to perform at their highest level.
Alex Garcia, Local/World News Editor April 16, 2021

Nearly three-quarters of high school students do not regularly get the recommended amount of sleep. This damages a student’s performance and mood but is allowed to continue in nearly every school district...

Burroughs, Carr, and Ginsberg via The New York Times

The “Literary Lion That Never Roared”

A brief insight into the greatest literary giant that never was.
Mikayla Smith April 15, 2021

On August 14, 1944, Lucien Carr killed a man. He stabbed him twice in the chest with a pocket knife, bound his limbs, and rolled him into the Hudson River drunk and, perhaps, very close to losing his mind....

Photo of No Plastic bags graphic provided by Liz Sweedy.

The Recycling Industry Changes

The concept of recycling has been on the rise and has become a vital part of conserving the environment.
Haripriya Kemisetti, staff reporter April 13, 2021

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Three huge words that appear everywhere. New Jersey has come a long way since Governor Tom Kean’s 1987 mandatory-recycling law, and now promotes recycling with the bins stationed...

A painting made with blue tones of a city skyline and the galaxy above.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit Knows No Bounds

With barriers broken down that have held females back in the past, the entrepreneurial women in the world now have more opportunities than ever to leave their mark.
Alex Garcia, Local/World News Editor March 30, 2021

New paint coats the canvas with every brush stroke. Countless hours of work and dedication are attached to the piece. A deep blue sky blends effortlessly into the lighter tones below. Buildings with countless...

Photo courtesy of Indian Farmers and their families come together to protest against Indian Primeminister Modi’s latest agriculture law’s adding restrictions on farmers.

The Fight of the Farmers

Sikh farmers protest on the street peacefully, as the government and public calls them ‘terrorists.’ Even after their peaceful reaction to laws making them more vulnerable to poverty, their own country turns their back on them.
Abeeha Zaidi, Managing Editor and Layout March 28, 2021

In Aug. 2020, Farmers from the Northern states of India began their protests against agriculture laws established by Prime minister Modi. In Nov. 2020, they arrived in the capital, New Delhi, to continue...

Toledo-Lucas County Public Library

Three Novels That Promote Mental Health Awareness

Sometimes the best way to deal with mental health issues and the awareness of them IRL is, first, through characters of fiction.
Shreyal Sharma, Staff Reporter March 22, 2021

TW: This article contains details of suicide and struggles with other mental illnesses such as OCD and depression. The green ribbon, which is widely overlooked by many people, signifies raising awareness...

What Is Consent

The Silver Screen’s Lessons on Consent

TV shows that deal with the issue of sexual harassment and the importance of respecting men and women’s rights of consent.
Sarah Brechner, Staff Reporter and Editor March 22, 2021

Important To Know **TW**: This article discusses details of sexual harassment and rape. It also includes details on mental health, suicide, and suicide ideation. Sexual harassment has always been a...

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