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The cheerleaders working on jumps on the brand new turf field.

Go Colts!: The Cheerleaders Are Back

The cheerleaders prepare for their first home game of the football season after a COVID-19 setback.
Riley Macmanus, Staff Reporter September 24, 2021

The Lady Colts are back and better than ever for the 2021 football season. After being put on a temporary pause because of a COVID- 19 outbreak, the cheerleaders are preparing for the first home game of...

A typical phone screen cluttered with countless social media apps.

Social Media’s Effect on Females’ Perceptions of Themselves

The majority of females are constantly judging themselves and damaging their self-image. Social media can play a large role in this.
Kristina Haviland, Staff Reporter July 11, 2021

The media and its social platforms play a big role in our society today. The constant need to show off our beauty, success, and personal lives have resulted in people going to great lengths for perfection...



June 23, 2021

ADVISER'S NOTE: The following correction is being made to the Colt Chronicle Graduation Issue. The adviser takes full responsibility for this oversight and apologizes to all affected parties.    Juliana...

During the frosty rivalry between the United States and the USSR during the cold war, the successful launch of Sputnik was taken as a sign to reform the American school system with a greater emphasis on STEM. Photo taken by NASA on Unsplash.

How the United State’s rivalry with the USSR affected STEM education across the World

Daniel Yu, Web Editor June 21, 2021

While many students today take their education for granted, it remains important to understand why and how the curricula they follow are the way they are, and what connections schools have with our country...


Best Graduation Movies of All Time

Some of the best graduation movies of all time to live vicariously through.
Sarah Brechner, Staff Reporter and Editor May 30, 2021

Graduation Is Coming! It is almost summer time, and you know what that means-graduation! As we see graduation coming around the corner, on June 23rd, it is a very exciting time. Students have begun imagining...

2021 NBA Playoff Preview

One of the tightest NBA seasons in history has reached its climax. Who will come out on top?
Andrew Noel, Staff Reporter May 28, 2021

The weather is heating up and schools are about to go on summer break. That can only mean one thing. It's NBA playoff time. This year's playoffs mark the end to one of the strangest seasons in NBA history,...


Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Court Case

Pirates of the Caribbean actor, Johnny Depp, is currently suing Aquaman actress, Amber Heard, for defamation.  TW: this article contains mentions of abuse
Alanna Gallagher, Staff Reporter and Managing Editor May 21, 2021

In 2018, Amber Heard wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post, where she called herself a domestic abuse survivor.  Heard never used Johnny Depp’s name in the op-ed, but now Depp is suing Heard for...

The 2021 Primary Democratic and Republican ballot.

Primary Elections for Governor: Who Are the Candidates and What Are Their Policies?

Many candidates are running for public office this election with different policies and agendas they hope to fulfill.
Eva Breiterman, Staff Reporter May 16, 2021

Every four years new candidates come out of the woodwork and line up for the chance to fill a desired position in public office. After the controversial presidential election this past year it is now time...

From Your Car to the Stage: Drive-In Concerts

A new form of live music that is taking over the industry.
McKayla Coppla, Web Editor May 10, 2021

  Harmonizing with strangers while swaying back and forth to the tunes of your favorite bands and musicians is an experience that no one has been able to witness or be a part of for more than a...

 The members of Brockhampton during a photoshoot released around the time of their splitting announcement.

Brockhampton Bids Farewell After The Release Of Their Final Two Albums

Kevin Abstract announces the supergroup’s split after their final two releases
McKayla Coppla, Web Editor May 7, 2021

“2 brockhampton albums in 2021 - these will be our last” Kevin Abstract, a leading member of the group, tweeted just a month ago the announcement of this supergroup's final project.  Fans were...

Image from Pinterest

UEFA Champions League (UCL): The Final Four

With only four teams remaining, the UCL grows ever-closer to crowning its 2020-21 champion.
Will Cappello, Opinion Editor May 6, 2021

The UEFA Champions League, European club soccer’s most adulated tournament, has one semifinal leg remaining before the final on May 29 in Istanbul, Turkey. With no teams significantly ahead on aggregate...

Yankees game before COVID.

The Struggles of Getting to a Yankees Game

In the effort to get to a Yankees game, there are still plenty of loopholes and caveats to the newly eased COVID restrictions.
Alex Garcia, Editor-in-Chief May 6, 2021

Getting tested 72 hours before game time, 6 hours before with a rapid test, proof of vaccination, temperature check, sitting in pods, lower capacity all define the arduous process of watching the Yankees,...

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