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The Student News Site of Kinnelon High School

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The Student News Site of Kinnelon High School

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200-year-old historic landmark in Lahaina, the Waiola Church, is seen engulfed in flames.

Destruction left in wake of Maui wildfires

Aarushi Kumar, Editor-in-Chief August 15, 2023

As Hurricane Dora swept past the Hawaiian islands a week ago, wildfires erupted across Hawaii with the largest fires on the island of Maui. The blazing fire had torn through homes and storefronts, with residents jumping into the...

Instability and Authoritarianism: What to Keep in Mind as Presidential Candidates Emerge

Instability and Authoritarianism: What to Keep in Mind as Presidential Candidates Emerge

May 1, 2023

Whenever the subject of history arises, be it in school or elsewhere, the value of its study is always explained in the same way: we look to history to understand past mistakes, to observe historical trends, and to use those trends...

A large crowd of people relax on the beach during spring break.

Increasing Travel Prices Bode Ill for Spring Break

Will Cappello, Opinion Editor March 18, 2023

Almost four years ago, the US experienced a nationwide lockdown as the COVID-19 pandemic spread rapidly. Consequently, travel was prohibited in order to slow the spread of the virus. After those restrictions were initially lifted,...

The main menu for the AI app ChatGPT.

Artificial Intelligence Begins to Takeover

Lucas Marin , Staff Writer March 17, 2023

“By 2030, Artificial Intelligence will add 15.7 trillion dollars to the world's GDP, boosting it by 14 percent,” according to Simplilearn. People want to change the world with artificial intelligence; and companies are investing...

Klevtsov planning his trip to Kalahari for Thanksgiving weekend.

Kinnelon Students’ Thanksgiving Festivities

Lucas Marin, Staff Reporter November 22, 2022

Thanksgiving is the time of year where families gather and cherish their moments together. Kinnelon students are preparing for a week filled with joyful activities including traveling. According to USA Today, “Nearly 25 million...

An assortment of crowns owned by the British.

Jewels Tinged in Blood

Aarushi Kumar, Staff Reporter November 21, 2022

The Tower of London is one of the oldest monuments in the U.K. Built during the 1070s, it’s a historical example of the European style of Gothic architecture of the High and Late middle ages. The lush green lawns, staggering...

Kinnelon’s municipal building is one of the polling locations in the area.

Kinnelon Students Meet the Midterms

Alex Garcia, Local and World Editor November 7, 2022

On Nov. 8, the 2022 midterm elections will take place. They will determine which party holds control of Congress for the second half of President Biden’s tenure. In New Jersey’s 11th district, where Kinnelon is situated, many...

The World Cup in Qatar

The World Cup in Qatar

October 28, 2022

Senior Marco Leitao studiously works on his Chromebook in Journalism 3.

The Student Body Speaks Out on Chromebooks

Alex Garcia, Local and World Editor September 30, 2022

During the first week of the 2022 school year, many students were surprised to learn that Chromebooks were the mandated device that must be utilized in classrooms. Despite becoming a one-to-one district in 2020, students have...

Students took the NJGPA on school-provided Chromebook laptops.

Should State Testing be Required for Graduation?

Lucas Marin, Staff Reporter April 10, 2022

Many students and parents are disappointed about a new state test required to graduate high school. Students will be denied graduation diplomas if they do not pass the New Jersey Proficiency Assessment.     New Jersey...

A graph displaying the COVID-19 cases per week by country from January 2021 to February 2022.

NJ Covid Update

Sophie Kemp and Sara Garg, Staff Reporters March 27, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic was like no other. It changed the lives of everyone. The world experienced numerous spikes and variants, with millions of people contracting the virus. Throughout the past two years, the world experienced...

A digital rendering of the Omicron Variant

Omicron – The Newest Covid Variant

Lucas Marin, Staff Reporter January 24, 2022

On December 1, 2021, the first case of Omicron was confirmed in the United States. It has been found that the Omicron variant multiples 70 times quicker than the Delta variant, making it more contagious. Michael Cahn Chi-wai,...

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