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Tiktok is at the brink of extinction in the United States if China does not sell

Is TikTok being erased from social media forever?

Amelie Swiatek, Staff Reporter March 27, 2024

TikTok might be on the brink of being booted from the app store in a matter of months.  The TikTok ban has been a recent debate in the House of Congress. On Mar. 13, the House passed a bill that would lead to a TikTok ban...

This is an image of an exit leading to Clinton Road

Exploring one of the Scariest Roads Near Kinnelon

Shreyasi Sharma, Staff Reporter March 1, 2024

 It is dark and gloomy; trees sway with the wind's movement. You were driving down Route 23, West Milford, and came across a sketchy road. You looked at your surroundings and felt a lump in your throat; your heart dropped. You've...

Racing Against the Clock

Racing Against the Clock

Ava Gutkin, Staff Reporter February 28, 2024

Around every 240 days, the world experiences arguably two of the most hated days of the year. The clock changes, when the world either “springs forward,” or “falls back” into reality. Despite this annual occurrence, many...

Snow begins to melt as New Jersey welcomes the warm spring sunlight.

It’s Getting Hot in Here

Aarushi Kumar, Editor In-Chief February 27, 2024

Now that the warm sun and cool breezes have finally chased away the neverending winter cold, the end of March marks the official start of spring. Though New Jersey has had consistently low temperatures and snow during these past...

Offensive lineman and players crowd around Kinnelon Coach Jake Grande in the last 1:37 of Kinnelon vs. Pequannock.

A Competition Beyond The Field

Nicholas Maksimov, Local/World News Editor February 3, 2024

High school rivalries have to be some of the most exciting parts of secondary schooling: two teams, town communities, and identities clash before a crowd, showcasing their awesome talent. However, no rivalries hit as close to...

This image shows the kids in the Rwandan Genocide

Unraveling Rwanda and Congo Conflict: 1994 to 2023

Shreyasi Sharma, Staff Reporter January 31, 2024

The conflict in the eastern DRC dates way back to 1994, resulting in the deaths of more than six million people. The drastically increasing tension resulted in another war that started in October 2023. The following are a few...

Bins, like these, are generally present in every library in the tri-borough area for collection of year-long clothing/toy drives.

A Helping Hand All Year-Round

Nicholas Maksimov, World/Local News Editor January 7, 2024

The merry, holiday season can often be associated with gift-giving, the raising of certain funds for charities, and toy/gift donations. However, when Santa makes his annual trip around the world on one fateful night, what about...

This is an image showing all the tools that were used by Kathern Roman in the Highland Yoga sound event.

Overview of the Highland Yoga’s Sound Bath Experience

Shreyasi Sharma, Staff Reporter December 4, 2023

On Nov.5 at 4:30 p.m., Highland Yoga at Kinnelon held a sound bath yoga event instructed by Katherine Roman. The event's purpose was to let the attendees experience the sound waves to help them relax. As part of the sound bath...

The escalation of Jewish settlements in Palestine over the course of 54 years.

Hamas and Israel

Julia Driscoll, Staff Reporter December 1, 2023

Adviser’s Note: The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this opinion article belong solely to the author and do not reflect the view of The Colt Chronicle Staff, Kinnelon High School, or its students and staff members.    The...

The gate stands tall and red this morning as it is left open for the oncoming flow of cars out of Smoke Rise.

Open The Gates!

Nicholas Maksimov, Local/World News Editor November 2, 2023

Every day, and every night, countless Smoke Rise residents journey in and out of the problematic gates that separate their tight-knit community from the rest of the town of Kinnelon. However, passing through these borders, and...

200-year-old historic landmark in Lahaina, the Waiola Church, is seen engulfed in flames.

Destruction Left in Wake of Maui Wildfires

Aarushi Kumar, Editor-in-Chief August 15, 2023

As Hurricane Dora swept past the Hawaiian islands a week ago, wildfires erupted across Hawaii with the largest fires on the island of Maui. The blazing fire had torn through homes and storefronts, with residents jumping into the...

Instability and Authoritarianism: What to Keep in Mind as Presidential Candidates Emerge

Instability and Authoritarianism: What to Keep in Mind as Presidential Candidates Emerge

May 1, 2023

Whenever the subject of history arises, be it in school or elsewhere, the value of its study is always explained in the same way: we look to history to understand past mistakes, to observe historical trends, and to use those trends...

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