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Exploring one of the Scariest Roads Near Kinnelon

Analyzing and Evaluating all the urban legends about the scariest road in New Jersey
This is an image of an exit leading to Clinton Road
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This is an image of an exit leading to Clinton Road

 It is dark and gloomy; trees sway with the wind’s movement. You were driving down Route 23, West Milford, and came across a sketchy road. You looked at your surroundings and felt a lump in your throat; your heart dropped. You’ve arrived at the most spine-chilling highway in all of America.

Clinton Road, located in Passaic County, has the reputation of being the scariest road in America. The area is covered with trees, giving the place a gloomy outlook. There are many frightening tales and encounters concerning the site. Even though the rightfulness of these tails isn’t entirely confirmed, the history of the road is terrifying. 


Learning about the history of the place helps us understand why there are many urban legends on this road. According to Clinton Road: A Dark Ride, there are rumors that people worshiped Satan and KKK ideas near the area. There are also rumors of a professional killer disposing of his victim’s body in the Clinton Road lake. Many people avoid traveling to these places due to their history. Even if there is not any evidence of legends being true, the past is enough to scare people.

The Ghost Boy 

There is a legend that a young boy died on the Dead Man’s Curve, and his spirit remains around the location. The boy lives under the bridge and is rumored to give coins once you throw them into the water. In Clinton Road: A Dark Ride, they state how a boy died after throwing a penny into the lake. Another story goes that a little boy was hit by a car after he went up to pick a penny out of the ground, and now if a person went out and picked a penny up on the basis, it says that the boy will push the person into the lake to save their lives. 

America’s Most Haunted Highway – Clinton Road (Explained)

This video explains why Clinton Road is scary and gives different widespread rumors that make the area scary.

The Ghost Truck

The ghost truck’s story scares many people living near the area. A vehicle has been seen chasing people down the road after crossing paths with them. According to J. Tonzelli, it states that the story begins at Jiles Jones’s farmhouse. He used to live near the area and was known for being mean and reserved. He didn’t like it when people came near his property; therefore, after his death, his spirit chased the people who he thought were trespassing on his property. 

Exploring the Mysteries of the Most Haunted Road in the USA—New Jersey’s Clinton Road

This article shows pictures of all the haunted places on Clinton Road and explains why it’s scary.

The Cross Castle: 

The Cross Castle was established long ago and was built by Richard Cross for him and his family. After Cross’s death, his family sold the Castle, but a fire ruined the whole structure of the building. In the Castle, there were rumors of Satan worshiping and KKK activities. Many have claimed to get chills down their spine as they go inside the Castle, and some have also witnessed KKK inside the Castle. 

Clinton Road is sure to be the scariest road in the United States, with Satan worshiping a boy pushing people into the lake. Whether the story is trustworthy or not, its legacy of being the scariest road will continue to captivate and terrify people.

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