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Three Novels That Promote Mental Health Awareness

Sometimes the best way to deal with mental health issues and the awareness of them IRL is, first, through characters of fiction.
Shreyal Sharma, Staff Reporter March 22, 2021

TW: This article contains details of suicide and struggles with other mental illnesses such as OCD and depression. The green ribbon, which is widely overlooked by many people, signifies raising awareness...

What Is Consent

The Silver Screen’s Lessons on Consent

TV shows that deal with the issue of sexual harassment and the importance of respecting men and women’s rights of consent.
Sarah Brechner, Staff Reporter and Editor March 22, 2021

Important To Know **TW**: This article discusses details of sexual harassment and rape. It also includes details on mental health, suicide, and suicide ideation. Sexual harassment has always been a...

Image via UPROXX

The Most Influential Women in Music

It’s Women’s History Month, and it’s time to pay respect to the most influential female artists around right now.
Mikayla Smith, Staff Reporter March 15, 2021

Woman.  Woman. She lives in dripping diamonds and honey lip balm, in soft skin and combat boots, in a deeply patriarchal society that finds comfort in beating her down. She lives with guitar string...

Daft Punk during the Epilogue video

Daft Punk Split After 28 Years

Why this pop super duo decided to call it quits
McKayla Coppla, Web Editor March 9, 2021

From their single, Da Funk, released in 1995 to their most recent album, Random Access Memories, from 2013, Thomas Bangaltar and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo have sung alongside each other for the past...

Picture of different hobby ideas from Haripriya Kemisetti

Bored No More

The coronavirus may have caused many negative effects but it has left time to develop new talents and skills.
Haripriya Kemisetti, staff reporter March 3, 2021

A world where students and parents work from home and a place where everyone is forced to wear a mask would have been completely unbelievable a year ago. This has, however, become a reality and even part...

Disney Princesses via Yahoo

Minority Princesses

Marissa Kosco, Staff Reporter March 3, 2021

In 1937, Disney had set a new stage of productions. Specifically, the now well known productions of Disney Princesses. Disney now has multiple well known princesses such as Ariel, Cinderella and Mulan,...

Hidden Figures Movie via The Lyric Theatre

Three Hidden Figures Who Helped NASA Take-Off

A look inside the film that showcased the efforts of three groundbreaking women.
Shreyal Sharma, Staff Reporter March 2, 2021

A Look Back Through History The film Hidden Figures depicts the untold story of three black women whose groundbreaking contributions to science were hidden from the world until now. On January 6, 2017,...

Picture of the film covers taken by Haripriya Kemisetti as screenshots from Netflix

Three Unique Films Find Netflix

A review on the three unique short animated films that came onto Netflix recently.
Haripriya Kemisetti, staff reporter February 6, 2021

Short and powerful. With words or without. As a new way to tell a story with emotion-loaded scenes and colorful graphics, these animated short films express society’s pain and problems. This new media...

A Brief History of Cameras

Max Schmalz, Staff Reporter January 27, 2021

The cover of evermore via Republic

It seems Taylor Swift will be an icon evermore

Taylor Swift’s new album evermore stuns in every way possible.
Mikayla Smith, Staff Reporter January 7, 2021

Lyrics are an ever-fluctuating piece of thin and lacy material that can be shaped and molded as easily as they can be cut clean in half and tossed into a scrap pile. They’re as easily manipulated...

Top Christmas Movies During The Holiday Season

Top Christmas Movies During The Holiday Season

Christmas classics that are sure to put you in the spirit for this holiday season
McKayla Coppla, Staff Reporter December 7, 2020

  As family members return home and cookies bake in the oven, one of the most relaxing ways to spend the holiday season is by watching Christmas movies alongside family and friends. Below are listed...

Couple enjoys holiday cooking.

Festive ways to spice up your kitchen this holiday season

Here are a few fun recipes to brighten up your holidays!
Mikayla Smith, Staff Reporter December 2, 2020

Through the upcoming holiday season, COVID-19 will continue to rage, rendering it nearly impossible to enjoy it as we usually would. It’s hard to grasp onto a dwindling sense of reality, and there are...

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