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The Student News Site of Kinnelon High School

Colt Chronicle

The Student News Site of Kinnelon High School

Colt Chronicle

One of the album covers for Swifts new album

The Tortured Poets Department Review

Julia Haines May 18, 2024

The Album’s Release Taylor Swift amazed fans after announcing her new album The Tortured Poets Department during her acceptance speech at the Grammys. The singer-songwriter received her fourteenth Grammy, the Grammy award...

The Wiz performance in Broadway

Ease on Down to Broadway

Ava Gutkin May 18, 2024

The Broadway lineup for this spring is incredibly crowded. With new shows coming and going, productions have to make their mark if they want to stay relevant. “The Wiz” is no different. As one of the newest shows to open on...

A Photo of the three new spicy refreshers

Spice up your sips

Sofia Solensky May 18, 2024

  Just like the weather, Starbucks is heating it's drinks.  They recently came out with a new spicy refresher, which includes three flavors: Spicy Strawberry, Spicy Pineapple, and Spicy Dragon Fruit. On Tuesday,...

Grilled Swordfish with Mediterranean Veggies dish offered at Buonasera.

Buonasera Restaurant & Pizza: Offering So Much More Than Food

Jacki Lally May 18, 2024

Located in Butler, NJ, Buonasera Restaurant & Pizza stands as a symbol of culinary excellence and perseverance. From its humble beginning in 2020, Buonasera started as a small restaurant, although the challenges of a global...

Pillsbury chocolate chip cookies

The CookieMeter

Sabrina Lopez and Millie Cho May 18, 2024

Baking cookies from scratch can be a struggle. Measuring ingredients, chilling to the right temperatures, and cleaning up the mess are all classic elements of the baking experience. However, these problems can all be solved through...

Map of Fairgrounds

The Biggest Fair in New Jersey Returns to New Jersey

Peyton Triano, Staff Writer May 16, 2024

The bright flashing neon lights shine onto the huge crowd of people, as the sound of carnival games echoes the warm summer air. Fair season is soon approaching, along with the smell of buttery popcorn and sights of horse shows....

Products used for tanning

Plan to Tan

Samantha Galarosa, Staff Writer May 16, 2024

The scent of sunscreen and the voices of families fill the beach air. You recline on your beach chair and sip your exorbitantly priced smoothie. The sun is beaming down on your face, summer has just started, and life is good.  Summer...

Sophia Angermund enjoying her ride on the Yoyo at Pequannock Carnival.

Keeping busy during Summer ’24

Sophia Angermund, Staff Writer May 16, 2024

Summer, the time that students look forward to all year long is finally here! Though Summer can get a little boring when the days just drag on, there are many things one can do to occupy their time.   Camping   Whether...

Olivia Rodrigo singing “Enough For You” while soaring on a moon.

A sour start to a sweet success

Lea Albik, Staff Writer May 16, 2024

For the first time, Olivia Rodrigo is going on a worldwide tour to promote her newest album “GUTS” topping her last tour with a whopping 77 total performances across the globe.  Rodrigo’s GUTS world tour is currently...

How Fashion Changes at KHS

How Fashion Changes at KHS

Zoe Leitao, Staff Reporter April 12, 2024

As the seasons and temperatures change, so do the style and trends at Kinnelon High School. Over the course of four weeks, the changes in fashion and common trends amongst students were looked at to find how students dress...

The top 5 artists of the Billboard 100
as of March 27.

Is Pop Music Dead?

Owen Fernstrom, Staff Reporter March 27, 2024

Saying that “Pop” music is no longer popular is ridiculous to hear for some. However, it does seem to be true in some ways. The music landscape is changing, and so is how people listen to their music, so it only makes sense...

Behind The Scenes of The School Musical Shrek

Behind The Scenes of The School Musical Shrek

Peyton Triano, Staff Reporter February 28, 2024

Shrek was a monumental movie making over 4 billion at the box office since its release on May 18, 2001. KHS has put a theatre twist to the iconic film, resulting in a fun spring show “Shrek the Musical.” The many attributes...

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