The Tipping Point

TSA club members compete in the VEX Tipping Point robotics competition.


Picture of Vex robots taken in room 107 where TSA club is held

The VEX Tipping Point competition requires a team of participants to move their robots to complete specific tasks. The competition takes place in New Jersey, then gradually moves up to states and then a world championship with over 40 teams. TSA club members represented KHS in this competition.

STEM has become more important than ever in the modern world, and high school is the best place to pursue those interests. As Technology teacher Jason Potzer, who runs TSA, says, “there’s a lot of different events in TSA; there are some artistic-based events as well. [The club] is specific to robotics; students who are interested in mechanical engineering or coding, programming, things like that.”

The current VEX competition is the best way for students in TSA to collaborate and explore common interests. “Every year, VEX releases a new competition with different rules and room for creativity. These competitions change from year to year, sometimes requiring a competent robot that can complete multiple tasks,” says senior Adam Schneider, who has been in TSA for two years, “That is another benefit of TSA, that you can work with other students participating in the competition to discuss plans and strategies for the game.”

TSA is relevant to our current needs in a technology-driven society, especially for high schoolers pursuing STEM careers. “There are a lot of job opportunities, and a lot of high school students don’t know what they want to go into. So it’s just to pique their interest in STEM opportunities, is really the goal of the club, and allow them to pursue them during high school,” says Potzer.

The goal of TSA is to create an environment of creativity and sharing passions. As Schneider says, “Being in TSA has not only been very fun, but it has taught me a lot for my future. TSA has fully committed me to study mechanical engineering in college as it assured me that this is what I want to do.”