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Technology Most Used in KHS Classrooms

Technology has taken a turn on the way students learn new things in high school classrooms
Different types of technology that students may use.

Technology math teachers use the most in their classrooms

Most teachers use the same technology platforms to teach students, while others tend to use different ones so they can limit students’ uses. 

Teachers use technology in classes to help benefit students’ learning. The technology that all teachers use differs, while many stay on the same platforms since they are the ones that work best. 

Math teacher Noah Blanchard says, “The technology that I like to use when teaching my students is the Smart Board. I use that because it is in the front of the classroom, and everyone can see it. The teaching platform that I tend to use is Delta Math. That is the best option for math class because it provides many different ways of learning, and being able to get help.”

Many math teachers use the same platform when teaching, especially Delta Math. Delta Math has many different helping techniques on it. Other teachers also use the smart board because it is beneficial. 

Kahoot is taking over classrooms today 

Kahoot has been a major technology resource in classrooms lately. A few years back many teachers didn’t use it as much, but now with students having chromebooks in an everyday classroom, they tend to use it on a daily basis. 

Spanish teacher Maria Fiuza says, “ I tend to use Kahoot as a study source for my students. I believe that Kahoot is a great resource for my students because they get to see what they know and find out their answers right away. The students get to study on Kahoot and redo the questions as often as needed. I also believe this is a great resource because students get timed, to see how fast they can answer.” 

Many teachers use Kahoot, but not as much as some teachers. Teachers believe that Kahoot is just a scam and doesn’t work, while other teachers believe it impacts students in a positive way. 

Students argue about why Quizlet is their favorite study resource

 Quizlet has been a great resource for many students and teachers. A few years ago, Quizlet wasn’t even a thought; today, it is one of the best technologies widely used in classrooms. 

Science teacher Nancy Rinaldi says, “Quizlet has had a major improvement on my students over the past few years. I have noticed my students actively using Quizlet to study and prepare for their tests. I prepare study guides for my students on quizlets, and they are allowed to choose which topic they would like to complete. I feel like it is beneficial so they can continue to do what they find fun.” 

Quizlet is a good study resource for students to practice and learn from when needing to prepare for a test or quiz. Many students can prove that this has been beneficial, and has helped them a lot over the years. 

Canva has been a tool for a while but has recently sparked in many different ways

Canva has been a very great tool for students when making presentations, or smaller summative projects. Canva has never been a major platform that students or teachers use in class but has recently gone uphill. 

Sophomore Courtney Darlington says, “This year I have definitely been using Canva more than I ever have. Canva has been a great resource to use when I am making class presentations, especially for Journalism. I have many great features that help take my project from a 70 to a 90 instantly.”

Students have even started to prefer using this tool over teachers. It gives students an advantage to make their things as precise and neat as they like. 



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