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Updates on the Girls Lacrosse Team: Start of the Season

It’s that time of year for spring sports to start back up; especially girls lacrosse. Although the season just started a couple of weeks ago that hasn’t stopped the players from preparing themselves before the first official practice. With the start of a new season comes excitement, change, training, and also a little bit of stress. 

The importance of preparing for the lacrosse season

Any type of athlete needs to prepare their body for an upcoming sports season; whether it’s just running a little every day or doing serious workouts, everything counts.

Preparing for the lacrosse season requires dedication, routine, and strategy, especially for female athletes. As the players prepare for the upcoming season, girls across the team engage in necessary practice to enhance their stick skills, physical conditioning, and mental strength. 

From the sweat-filled conditioning sessions to the analysis of opposing teams, every aspect of preparation plays an important role in the teams’ success. 

KHS girls lacrosse goalie Madison Mortimer says, “It’s important to prepare your body. If I didn’t play all year round and I was going into a different sport I would take a few weeks to prepare my body for the season.”

All coaches (and some players) know that the team plays their best if they take the time to engage in out-of-season training. These off-season practices set the tone for success. With that, the at-home practices and pre-season practices allow players to fix up their skills and build endurance. Whether it’s early morning conditioning, weekend scrimmages, or team activities off the field, the dedication to improve extends far beyond the boundaries of the official season.

The effects of having a new lacrosse coach

New coaches don’t always work well with the team right away which can affect not only them but the players as well; whether they aren’t experienced enough or can’t find a way to properly connect, it affects everyone.

When a new coach joins a team, it can make a huge impact on student-athletes. Positive changes, like new methods and motivation, can inspire growth and improvement.

KHS Girls Lacrosse Captain, Samantha Mortimer, said, “Having a new coach isn’t affecting me personally but I feel like as a team we’re much more energized and excited to be at practice than before”

  On the other hand, changes to coaching style or team dynamics may cause unease or resistance but adapting to the new coach’s methods and philosophies can encourage resilience and teach valuable life skills. Overall, the transition offers opportunities for personal development, teamwork, and achieving goals as a team.

How do student athletes deal with mental health?

Currently, 60% of all high school athletes deal with a mild to severe level of stress.

In girl’s lacrosse, just like any other high school sport, mental health plays a major role in athletes’ performance and overall well-being. The intensity of the sport combined with things like competition, pressure to play well, and balancing academics along with personal lives, can certainly impact players mentally. Coaches, parents, and players need to prioritize mental health awareness.

 Most KHS players seem fully aware of their mental health and have ways to deal with the stress of academics, athletics, and other responsibilities. 

Junior Alycea Alexander, talked about her ideal way to help with stress, “Take a break from everything and hang out with myself in my room.” 

Encouraging open communication, seeking help, and promoting self-care or “mental health days” can contribute to a positive and healthy lacrosse experience for our girls.

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