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How Fashion Changes at KHS

As the seasons and temperatures change, so do the style and trends at Kinnelon High School. Over the course of four weeks, the changes in fashion and common trends amongst students were looked at to find how students dress throughout each season. 

KHS Fashion Trends
As the school year goes on, there are a lot of different trends in the students’ clothing.

This winter, there are ways that the students at Kinnelon High School stay warm and stylish. A way that students do this is by layering.

Junior Owen Fernstrom says, “Hoodies under jackets, thermals or long sleeves under large t-shirts, or anything else that can keep you warm while not being super bulky.”

Another overall trend, right now, seems to be streetwear. Many students are shopping at thrift stores and wearing oversized clothing. There are a variety of stores that students shop at. Most of them are stores that aren’t very popular yet like “Fugazi,” which is a store that is mainly streetwear like hoodies, jeans, and hats. There are also some stores, though, that seem to be very popular among the students at KHS like Pacsun, Tillys, and many other online stores.

As the Season Changes, So Does the Style
During the shift from winter to spring, there is a gradual change in style within the students at KHS.

When the season starts to change, so does the style. Some would say though, that March is one of the toughest times when it comes to style. Some days the weather is hot, some it is cold. Some days there is a gray area when it’s 50-60 degrees, where it’s very difficult to dress stylishly, and according to the weather. There are many ways, though, that students at KHS are still staying stylish as the seasons change.

One way that students are staying stylish is by looking up outfit inspirations on various social media apps. Senior Kristina Haviland says, “I like to look on Pinterest or online for inspiration for what I’m going to buy.”

What students decide mostly to wear in March is jeans with a long sleeve top, or dresses and skirts with a long sleeve top when it gets warmer outside.

More students are now shopping for clothes to prepare for warm weather. Instead of buying sweatpants and sweaters, they are beginning to buy skirts, dresses, and shorts. Some of the most popular stores for spring clothing are Garage, Princess Polly, Urban Outfitters, and a variety of thrift stores.

Weather Gets Warmer, Pants Get Shorter
As the month comes to an end, so does the winter style. Students at KHS are swapping out their long pants for shorts.

As March slowly comes to an end, so does the winter style. With the hotter days in March being almost 70 degrees, sweaters are being pushed to the side, and t-shirts and tank tops are starting to come out.

The weather is still fluctuating and it makes it difficult for students to dress stylishly, and according to the weather. More students are beginning to wear long pants with a short shirt for the hotter days. When it is colder, they swap out the shirt for a sweatshirt.

Skirts and dresses are also coming back into style. If you take a look around on a nice day at KHS, you can see shorts and flowy tops. Some days you may see a colorful skirt or flowy dress.

Many stores that students at KHS shop at are also starting to sell spring/summer clothes. Some students are even starting to buy bathing suits and sandals in order to prepare for summer.

Winter Weather Coming Back to Kinnelon For a Quick Visit
With the weather changing from hot to cold each week, it is difficult to know how to dress.

After a warm week at KHS, the weather has gotten drastically colder. Going from almost 70 degrees to now, 30 degrees. This makes it difficult for students to know how to dress because the weather is so unpredictable. It also makes it hard for students to know what they should buy for the future.

Now, students are back to wearing sweaters and long pants, unfortunately for some people. Sophomore Chloe Burczynski says, “I like it when it is warm out because warmer weather gives you more opportunities to wear a lot of different types of clothes, in winter it’s harder to dress nice without wearing the same thing.”

Though sweatshirts and sweats have always been a common piece of clothing separately, this week they are being seen together more than in previous weeks. Another common combination is leggings and a sweatshirt.

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