The Grinch That Stole The Holiday Fundraising Spirit

Many holiday fundraisers sprung up around KHS in the last few months but how willing was the student body to participate

Photo by Miranda Drace
                                                                                   Animal Activists club November empty fundraiser bin

Photo by Miranda Drace Animal Activists club November empty fundraiser bin

The holiday season comes with loads of fun for everyone; watching movies, baking cookies, and spending time with family are only a few of the many exciting things that one can do. But giving back and celebrating the community is also essential. Gifts, donations, and fundraisers are some of how one can support the community; however, the art of giving is dying. 

 Since the start of Covid, fundraisers have come to a temporary and unfortunate stop. Participation from the community has died. 

This year at KHS, there were multiple fundraisers such as the Give Back Club’s shelter, our soldiers’ program, the Animal Activists club fundraiser for the Kinnelon Volunteer Animal Shelter, and more. 

By introducing so many fundraisers the student body have lost the enthusiasm to keep up. Animal Activists club advisor Maria Fiuza says “there seems to be many holiday fundraisers for many clubs at the same time which leads to the enthusiasm to fade because it can become very overwhelming for the student body to participate.”

 She adds, “The spirit is there but when there is so much going around … the kids become so overwhelmed and then they can’t participate like 100% in every single one”. Students involved in multiple clubs that throw various fundraisers become unable to keep up, and donations drop across the board.

“The spirit is there but … the kids become so overwhelmed and then they can’t participate” ”

— Animal Activists club advisor, Maria Fiuza

With keeping the community happy, the students have to also worry about their own family and friends. Fiuza says, “People are buying for their friends and family so [multiple fundraiser] can become a little too much.” 

The chaos of pandemics and the rise of multiple fundraisers have become the grinch that Stole the Holiday fundraising spirit. One way to fix this problem is that in the future, more spread out fundraisers or one big fundraiser may help students feel less overwhelmed; students are also slowly gaining back the holiday spirit as the pandemic becomes history.