Factors to Consider When Making the College Decision


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Choosing a college to attend is an exciting but stressful experience for many high school students. Although most students are eager to begin this new and exciting stage in their lives, it is often difficult to make the final college decision. There are numerous factors to consider when selecting a college, including  size, academic rigor, location, and affordability of the institution.


While the juniors are currently attempting to form their college lists and prepare for the application process, the seniors have recently made their decisions. These decisions were not made lightly, as there are many important factors to consider when choosing a college.


“I think one of the most important factors for considering a college is whether or not it offers the programs that interest you, and on the opposite side of the spectrum whether it accommodates your financial needs,” Whittemore said.


Junior Emily Petruccelli also mentioned the importance of finding a college with a healthy environment that satisfies one’s mental and social needs. She stated that, “I think that the most important factor is finding a school whose academic programs fit your interests and learning style, but it’s also important to find a place where you’ll be happy waking up every morning because you’ll be living there for four years.”


Having recently made their college decisions, seniors Kendal Simmons and Peter Davin offered enlightened perspectives on the college search. Similar to Petruccelli, Simmons stated that students must find a place where they feel comfortable and at home. Simmons will be attending Vassar College in the fall.


During his college search, Davin looked for a place where he could envision himself living. Davin warned against scrutinizing rankings and acceptance rates. He said, “Don’t necessarily go based off of reputation. Go based off of where you can see yourself and where your personality meshes with the school.” Davin, who is valedictorian of the class of 2019, will be attending Loyola University Maryland in the fall.


During the college process, it is easy to become overwhelmed when thinking about the different things that every school has to offer. Ultimately, it is most important for students to find an environment in which they will thrive and be happy. Sometimes, making the college decision can come down to seemingly insignificant factors, such as the food on campus. As Whittemore stated, “When in doubt, visit the dining halls!”