New Year, New Hopes

Despite unforeseen difficulties in 2020, members of the KHS community set goals for the new year


helloimnik on unsplash

Some people recommend writing down resolutions to help stick to them.

As people across the world ring in the new year, many participate in the classic tradition of creating personal resolutions. Despite the ongoing pandemic and the limits it has put on what people can accomplish, they can still set goals for themselves. The shutdown of schools last year, stay-at-home orders, and other measures enacted to slow the spread of COVID-19 have made it more difficult for people to go out and complete their resolutions, but people are still trying.

Freshman Sema Zor said, “One of my resolutions last year was to get a job but because of the pandemic, I was unable to do so.” People struggled to go out and accomplish their goals due to restrictions. Travel was virtually impossible and interaction with others was limited. Even though the pandemic put a stop to people carrying out their resolutions, there were some goals that could be completed.

Junior Jake Pryor commented, “Some of my resolutions last year were to get a good SAT [score], improve my grades and to branch out and work on new projects. While these goals were hampered by the pandemic, I was still able to pursue these goals and work on them to some degree.”

There are many ways to focus on completing your goals. They can range from listing them down to planning out daily tasks for yourself. History teacher Matthew Arroyo says, “When I write something down and set a goal, I remind myself of that goal and dedicate myself to fulfilling it.”

I remind myself of that goal and dedicate myself to fulfilling it”

— Matthew Arroyo

Zor also states that “having a specific motivation will help you and keep you inspired to stick to your resolutions.”

This year, as pandemic restrictions have lessened to a degree and people better know what to expect, people have a better chance at keeping their resolutions. Freshman Ah-In Kim says, “My goal is to get high grades in school as it’s important to keep my grades up, especially in high school.” 

The goals of different students and staff members are certainly varied. Arroyo personally hopes this year to “help his children with academics and help his students finish off the year.”

The events of 2020 may have thrown a wrench in plans and may even have caused some to reconsider what their goals ought be. This may change the content of some resolutions this year, but this holiday need not be devoid of hope and resolutions for the new year.