Daft Punk Split After 28 Years

Why this pop super duo decided to call it quits



Daft Punk during the Epilogue video


From their single, Da Funk, released in 1995 to their most recent album, Random Access Memories, from 2013, Thomas Bangaltar and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo have sung alongside each other for the past 28 years. Their electronic infused pop music has carried through the past generation through their 15 album releases and several tours. 

The duo announced their farewell in a video titled “Epilogue” on Youtube. The video featured both band members in their quintessential robot costumes set in a desert. Ultimately, one member self destructed himself and the other walked away as music faintly played in the background. Shortly after, the band’s publicist confirmed their separation to the BBC. 

Across the wide span of music Daft Punk released, their initial album, Homework, will forever mark an important time for dance music. Again, in 2013, Random Access Memories made tremendous strides for Daft Punk as it scored them a Grammy for Album Of The Year in 2014. Get Lucky, a track on this album featuring Pharrell Williams, became an instantaneous worldwide hit. It’s funky disco elements made people forever a fan of this iconic group. 

After the split was announced, several artists shared their love with the band through all different forms of social media. The Weekend credited Daft Punk with being one of the reasons he makes music. Alongside The Weekend, several artists gained inspiration from Daft Punk and credits them for their great work during the past 28 years. There was no reason given by both the band members or their publicist as to why they decided to split, aside from their Epilogue video, after having formed Daft Punk in Paris. Their music will forever be remembered for transforming dance music and French style house music as well as their trademark robot costumes.