The Reopening of Broadway

After the global shutdown earlier last year due to the coronavirus, Broadway finally plans to reopen.


Photo from Unsplash

Back to the Beginning

In March of 2020, the global pandemic caused many businesses to shut down, including movie theaters, restaurants, and clothing stores. In fact, the pandemic even caused Broadway to shut down. 

Broadway has been a big part of American entertainment for decades, and for this pandemic to shut down Broadway theaters was devastating for many. Going to the theater in the great, big city was a way to spend a wonderful day out with friends and family, listening to music, and seeing fantastic acting.

Bringing Back Broadway

After over a year without any Broadway productions, the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, recently released plans to reopen. According to Mayor of New York, Bill de Blaiso, COVID-19 restrictions are to ease up within the next couple of weeks, and he hopes to have the city fully reopened by July 1, 2021. Yet, Broadway says they do not plan to reopen until September 14, 2021. Governor Cuomo told the New York Times that when Broadway does eventually reopen in the fall, they can start performing shows at full capacity. 

The reopening of Broadway is a sign that things are slowly returning to normal. Broadway has already announced that tickets have begun to go on sale, finally. Meaning, shows such as Phantom of the Opera, will be showing as soon as October 22, 2021. This is huge news for not only theater lovers, but also those hoping to see that New York and America as a whole are beginning to have some sense of normalcy, once again.