Gift Ideas for 14-15 year olds the Holidays

Great gift ideas/inspiration to get teens for the holidays!



Gifts for the Holidays

Remember when you would dread getting clothes for the holidays? Or are you a parent that’s shocked that their kid no longer wants the latest Barbie? You may have no idea what you want, with your head wrapped around so many different things. To help a lost parent or a confused teen, here are some popular, age-appropriate things that teens want this year.

Teens are picky and have their finger on every trend. They either know exactly what they like and don’t like, or, you’ll get an ‘I don’t know’. Many teens aren’t open to speaking, especially to adults, or sometimes they genuinely don’t know what they want. Freshman Seanna Calderon said “I just gave my mom a general idea of what I wanted and she figured it out.”

As children grow older, they have a sense of independence and income that makes “saving” the things they want for their holiday list more difficult. Freshman Owen Fernstrom remarks, “Last year I asked for a lot more video games but now that I’m older I can just buy a lot of that stuff myself.”


#1. Clothes
When 35 freshmen students took a poll asking what they had asked for the holidays this year, the biggest response turned out to be clothes, especially for girls, stores like American Eagle, Hollister, Pacsun, and Brandy Mellville are trending and stylish for 2021.


#2. Money
Again, many teens don’t know exactly what they want. If that’s the case, you can give a teen the gift of money so that they can buy things for themselves instead of you figuring out what they’d like.


#3. Self-Care
Especially at a growing age like this, teens usually want some sort of self care. Girls usually get into these types of things in their young teenage years. Lotions, moisturizer, sea salts, makeup, etc, can all be considered self-care items.


#4. Shoes
We all thought getting shoes when we were younger was the lamest gift ever. But now- they complete our whole outfit. If you’re not sure what to get a teen for the holidays- ask them what shoes they like. More than half the time they are eyeing a certain pair.

These are the results of a Google Form survey sent out to the freshmen students of KHS. This survey was answered by 54 students on Dec. 6.