How Students Are Keeping Up With Their Resolutions

KHS students follow the trend of setting a resolution for the new year

Sophomore Ella Corigliano working in history

Riley Macmanus

Sophomore Ella Corigliano working in history

“New Year, New Me!,” a popular saying that comes with every new year, hoping to spark some resolutions to change lives for the better. Whether it may be studying hard for that tricky subject in school or cutting out junk food from one’s diet, resolutions are a way to set the path for a successful transition into the year ahead. 

Many students at KHS have decided to change their life for the better, by setting a new year’s resolution. Sophomore Tommy Solarino says, “My new year’s resolution is to create a daily schedule to strengthen myself for soccer.” Solarino explained he goals for working out is to get stronger for the upcoming soccer season. Solarino expects to work on his resolution for a couple of months, or at least until summer. 

Navigating away from sports, freshman Ali Corrado is looking to limit her screen time. “I’m going to use the screen time feature that Apple provides,” Corrado said. The screen time feature limits time spent on apps by notifying users when they have spent a certain amount of time on their devices. Corrado also mentioned how she planned on doing this forever, stating how the screen time feature was something she didn’t plan to get rid of.

These resolutions allow students to focus on habits that they would like to adapt or discontinue. Sophomore Ella Corigliano wants to stay really focused for the rest of the 2021-2022 school year. “For school, I’m gonna take more notes and I’m going to study,” Corigliano states when asked about how she planned to achieve her goal.