High Stress During Spring

As spring is approaching, the stress level among students increases.

a student trying to review all of her materials for finals

Amelie Swiatek

a student trying to review all of her materials for finals

Finals are coming, and classes are more difficult. Some students are losing their motivation to complete their assignments. As the drive to continue school decreases, stress levels among students are increasing.

Students are more stressed during springtime because many feel teachers give out more assignments during the third and early fourth marking period. The first marking period is about the transition from a previous grade to a new grade. During that time, not a lot of work is given. In the second marking period, the teacher provides more assignments, but there are many breaks throughout winter; therefore it does not seem too stressful.

However, in the third and fourth marking periods, there are finals assignments, more challenging tests, and teachers expect more from their students.

“The first [quarter] is simple and easy…[there is] a lot of review from previous years…but the third [quarter] is heavier work, and it just gets more difficult,” says freshman Amelie Swatiek. “Towards the end of the year, you get to that point where there’s loads of work and tests/finals.”

For many, the stress of keeping their grades up, participating in sports, socializing with friends, and thinking about college can be tremendously difficult.

“I think juniors worry about college. They have to focus really hard on getting good grades at the same time they have to research into college and what they want to do with their lives,” said Kate Tantillo.

Students have to work hard during spring, and even with spring break and summer vacation close by, they still get what they perceive to be an enormous amount of work.

As a result, students may lose their motivation, which increases their stress level since they get more tasks but have no encouragement to do them.

“Yes, even though there is spring break, the thought of getting back to school and doing finals worries me,” says Swiatek. “Even before spring break, there’s many tests and quizzes in my classes, which can be very stressful.”