Fun “Do It Yourself” Activities To Do This Spring

Spring has sprung – the birds are chirping and the flowers are blooming! It’s time to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather through some fun crafts!

An example of rock painting.

Sophia Angermund

An example of rock painting.

Finally, the winter season is to an end. The days start to get longer and the countdown to summer begins! What better way to make the transition from winter into spring than to go outside and do some fun crafts to get into that new season mood?! Here are some fun DIYs to try….


Rock Painting

Rock painting is a perfect way to go outside and enjoy the nice weather! Go on a nice long hike to find the perfect rock that you want to paint! When you find it, bring it back home and set up an outdoor station where you can paint the rock! There are so many different and cool designs that are available for inspiration online. The paint that is necessary to use for rock painting is acrylic paint – it is available anywhere: local craft stores, Target, Walmart, Amazon, etc. 


Build a Bird House

Are there some birds lingering around the house? Struggling to build a nest after the long winter? Help them out and build a birdhouse! Building a birdhouse is super easy as there are so many kits available at your local craft store! It’s not only beneficial for the birds but for you as well! Now you have a bird show to watch from your window to keep you (and maybe your cat) entertained!


Paint Flowers

Are the flowers by you still trying to bloom? Missing that aesthetic inside of your house? Painting flowers is the best thing to do to replace that emptiness inside of your home! Your local Target, Walmart, or craft store should have paintable flowers. 


Paint Patio Pavers

Have some extra patio pavers laying around? Are they looking a little bland? Patio pavers are the perfect surface to paint to bring some life to around your house! You can place them in your front garden, your porch, or deck – it really goes anywhere! The best paint to use would be acrylic paint which is available at your local craft store. 


The spring is when everything comes to life, everything grows and blossoms! Go outside and enjoy it! Do these activities with your family, friends, neighbors – just anyone desired! They’re a perfect way to bond and grow with whomever you choose. Happy Spring!