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Outerbanks Season 3: Season Review

Is watching Season 3 of Outerbanks worth it? This article contains SPOILERS for Season 3 !!
Outer Banks season 3 has been released on Netflix

Lights! Camera! Action! Outerbanks is back with another long-awaited season which began airing on Feb. 23

Background Info 

“Outerbanks” is a show that first aired on Netflix in April of 2020 and quickly gained popularity. The new season has arrvied and many fans excitedly dived back into the treasure hunt with the Pogues. The show is a topic of discussion amongst teens, but is it really worth the hype? 


“Outer Banks” Synopsis 

“Outerbanks” is about a group of teenagers that live in Outerbanks, NC. There are two tribes and one island. One side of the island is called Kooks, and the other side is Pogues. The show is about the conflict between two groups of teenagers that are in search of lost treasure. The show starts with the teens being on a hunt for a long-lost treasure worth $400 million. John B, also the leader of the group, is determined to find the treasure along with his friends JJ, Pope, and Kiara (Kie), which he believes is connected to his father’s disappearance. 


Season 3 Recap

The show picks up from where it left off in Season 2, with the crew stuck on an island JJ named “Poguelandia,” but the action quickly switches to the OBX as the Pogues begin searching for a new exciting treasure, El Dorado. Along the way, they encounter many new obstacles and adventures, all while trying to navigate their own personal relationships and struggles as they search for the lost legendary city of El Dorado. This season delivers the same thrilling actions, romance, and suspense as the other two seasons. 



According to, “Outerbanks” season 3 has a rating of 3.5 stars, and the audience rating is 65% since March 2023. The show is rated TV-MA, so expect to see violence, underage drinking and drug use, sexual situations, and some profanity used by the characters. Some people thought this season was captivating and exciting to watch. They said this new season really raised the stakes and allowed the young cast to really shine in their roles. People on the other side of the spectrum had a lot more to say. As good as the show used to be, many claim that the show used to be better than this. Some say that it seems “lost” and has no real plan going forward, even with its supposed future mapped out. Others say otherwise, and how even though the new season won’t win over a lot of fans, it’s been so long awaited that fans should be mostly pleased with the whole thing.


Overall, the reviews are split almost 50/50. Though, there have been more negative reviews than positive ones.  



What significance does this show have in today’s world? In our modern world, many celebrities have attempted to prove to us that money does buy happiness. It makes people question if money does truly buy happiness, or if it’s just pretend. 


This idea is shown in the class war between the Pogues and Kooks. Even though the Kooks are the rich residents of the island, the Pogues are seen living more exciting lives. Sarah Cameron, a formal ‘Kook princess’ admits to John B in season one that she is miserable in her life, and desperately wants “to get out of the bubble wrap before it is too late”. Rafe Cameron, sibling of Wheezie and Sarah Cameron, the ‘Kook King’ that comes from a wealthy family, is seen struggling mentally, without any support from his parents, Rose and Ward Cameron. Even Ward is seen fighting his own battles, especially in season three, when he tries to right his wrongs with his daughter, Sarah. 


Go Watch Now!

Considering the amazing previous two seasons, the show is worth watching, whether to enjoy or dislike it. Since it’s a Netflix original, it can only be streamed on Netflix. Scroll up to watch the season three trailer!

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