Long Awaited Morgan Wallen Tour is Finally Here

Morgan Wallen kicks off his tour with a show in Milwaukee that was a sold- out show on Apr.14

Before you step on the stage you can hear everyone screaming waiting for you to come out. When you finally get to walk onto that huge stage for the first time you can hear it get louder and louder. A rush of excitement flows through you as you say your first words into the microphone. 


Morgan Wallen’s new tour has finally begun. On Dec.1 Wallen announced he would be going on a world tour for his new album “One Thing At A Time”. His new album hits the Billboard top 200 and has been there for six consecutive weeks. His album has also been charted No. 1 and has been there since.


Morgan Wallen recently started his “One thing at a time” tour for his new album of the same name on Apr. 14 in Milwaukee. This was his U.S kickoff and will continue with his tour in May. 4 in Jacksonville, Fla. His last show will be Dec. 3 in London, UK. 


You can get tickets for Wallen’s concert on his website. His tickets for all his locations range from as low as $47 to $11509. 


Some guests that you can expect to appear performing with Wallen are, HARDY, Bailey Zimmerman, Ernest, Riley Green, and Parker McCollum. 


Wallens’ U.S kickoff in Milwaukee was his first sold-out show on this tour. He started off his first show in the tour with a song “Up and Down” from his debut album “If you know me.” Wallen continues with more songs from his record breaking release album, “Dangerous: the double album”. He continues with songs from his latest album “One thing at a time” which  is at the top of BIllboard artist 100 all-genre chart where he has stayed for 5 weeks straight.

Wallen may have gone a little too hard at his first shows because he already had to cancel 3 upcoming shows in Michigan, Illinois, and Nebraska due to “doctor-ordered, vocal rest”. Wallen posted on Instagram, “It would be unfair of me to put on a show that I know will not be 100%. I’ll do everything I can to speed up the process of getting to that 100% mark.”. Wallen continues to apologize to his fans that were looking forward to these shows and states the three new dates that will take place.