Kinnelon Golf Superb 2023 Season

An inside look into captain Scott Sanczyk stellar season


Scott Sanczyk

Scott Sanczyk Practicing his swing for the state sectional Tournament.

Scott Sanczyk is a junior at Kinnelon High School. Sanczyk has been playing golf for the past three years, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.  He strived for greatness by taking multiple lessons a week with a swing coach, and continues to do everything he can to improve.


 Sanczyk has been on the Kinnelon Golf Varsity Team dating back to his Freshman year. Now, Kinnelon golf is currently 11-4 with coach Soules at the helm, K-golf has won the Kinnelon Golf Classic and State Sectional North 1 Group 1. 




Q (Lucas Marin): What made you decide to play golf?

A: (Scott Sanczyk) My dad had the biggest impact on me playing golf. When I first got started, which was because of him, he would always play and give me advice.


Q:  How has your experience the last two years translated to this year?

A: Course knowledge is huge in golf. The fact that I can know how a certain put breaks or where to play it, it definitely helps for sure. I also think that it helps with nerves and the mental side, continuing to tell myself that I have been in these situations before.


Q: How do you prepare for a big match?

A: Honestly it is just by grinding out on the course, range or putting green. Golf is such an unpredictable sport that I try to practice in all aspects. I usually practice around 1-2 hours each  on the short game and putting, and then an hour or two on the range; this combines for roughly 8 hour practice days considering I am on the course as well. However, those I only do twice a week during the school season in the summer, that is every day. 


Q: What are the keys to becoming a better golfer for someone who hasn’t played?

A: The keys are to just play, and I know that sounds basic. I would say go to the driving range first and just feel confident hitting the ball, and then on the course, just do not play slow and nobody cares. Swing wise, I would say that people swing often way too hard then they need to.


Q: What is your favorite experience this year?

A:  My favorite experience this year as a team was winning the group one title on 5/15. The KHS Golf Team has yet to do that in history. 


Q: Who has been the most surprising golfer for the team?

A: Well not to my surprise, but the most surprising golfer has to be Dillon Fleksher. His score of an 81 at counties and an 85 at the GOLF Classic really helped us. 


Q: How has co-captain Avery Cohen helped you through the last 3 years?

A: Avery is a great player, and he has really kind of shown me the right and wrong way to do things. I admire his work ethic.


Q: What do you hope to accomplish as the season comes to a close?

A: It has to be winning the Group 1 State Championship. While I think those two go hand and hand, I would like to post a low round there as well.