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Hoco Hoedown!!!

What to expect at this year’s Western Homecoming!
Aarushi Kumar
Posters advertising Homecoming are hung around KHS

Leaves are changing colors, the air is getting chilly, and although many do not enjoy returning to school, fall events like spirit week and Homecoming have students buzzing with excitement. Unfortunately over the past couple of years, Covid-19 has prevented high schoolers from enjoying Homecoming, but this year, it is back again for the second time in a row!



Last year’s Hoco theme did not disappoint. “Turn back time” was a classic, and this year, Kinnelon’s Home and School Association exceeded that same expectation! This year’s homecoming theme is “Western/Country”. That means adding a cowboy hat, boots, and bandana to your dress or suit to top off your look! Of course, it is not required to match the theme, but many students plan to. 


Dress code:

This dance is semi-formal. Students do not need to dress like they are going to prom, but also should not be dressing too casually like it’s any other school day. So, if you’re stressing out about the guidelines of what is too fancy to wear, this is for you! For boys, pants and a nice shirt is completely fine. Girls, go for a fun dress, but no need to stress over something crazy fancy. Do not overthink it! Feel free to express yourself in your choice of clothing. Don’t forget, dress to impress!



Students should expect this dance to be a lot of fun! There are additions being added to this year’s Hoco, making it unique from others. The HSA is getting a mechanical bull that will go along with the “Western” theme of the night. The bull will be in one of the gyms and will be open for students to ride on throughout the night. The staff hopes students have fun safely, of course. Hannah Sappio, Student Council Advisor at Kinnelon High School hopes this dance will be a fun night to remember for students. “Enjoy time with your friends, be thankful that you get a dance, and just have fun,” Sappio says. Let’s make this a night to remember by staying safe, and following the regular KHS rules, because remember, we are still at school!


New things:

There is only one feature that is being added to this year’s homecoming, but it’s one that will excite many students. Just like prom, students will be allowed to bring guests from other schools to this year’s homecoming. This is exciting for students as many have wanted to bring dates from other schools to homecoming in previous years. There will also be various baked goods and snacks offered for students throughout the night, as well as delicious drinks. 



Homecoming is on Saturday, Oct. 14, from 7-10 p.m. Tickets are currently being sold, and the last day to purchase will be Oct.14. You can purchase a ticket, online or outside the old gym during lunch, for $20. HSA members will allow students to buy tickets outside the door for $20 as well as the night of. Visit for additional information about Homecoming 2023. 

Don’t forget to get your tickets, Yeehaw! 

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