Meet the Survivors of High School

The interviewed seniors in the cafeteria. Photo by Shreyal Sharma

The interviewed seniors in the cafeteria. Photo by Shreyal Sharma

Attending a new school is really nerve-wracking. With all the new kids, teachers, and topics, it can be scary; but don’t worry, the seniors won’t bite. They are actually pretty helpful. The seniors have been here for four years and know the ins and outs of high school. A few of them have kindly offered to give the underclassmen and new students a few tips on surviving the highs and lows of high school.

“What is some advice you would give underclassmen now that you’re a freshman” asked colts chronicle.

“Don’t make studying your everything.” – Layla Almosbeh.

“Spirit week was the best part. We got a break from learning and everything.” – Cooper Bresky, Angelina Tarabokija , and Alicja Weglarz.

“Activities! Do a lot of activities.” – Alicja Weglarz.

“Do as many sports as the school offers,” – Cooper Bresky.

“Don’t over barge yourself. Hopefully, all of this advice given by these seniors will help you survive high school like a boss.” ”

— Alicja Weglarz

“Do a lot of volunteer hours. It is good to get started early, rather than till the last second,”recommended  Alicja Weglarz.

“Own Spirit Week. Get into it, don’t be like, ‘I don’t know what to do.’ It’s more embarrassing if you don’t do something.” -Cooper Bresky, Angelina Tarabokija, and Alicja Weglarz.

“Freshman year is the one year that I had enough time to do stuff.” – Angelina Tarabokija.