Teacher’s Guide for High School


Heidi Scherer-Blake

Danielson in his classroom.

As intimidating as teachers may be, they were once students too.

Recently, The Colt Chronicle interviewed several teachers for advice on high school and tips for surviving it. From study tips to what you should do if you are getting bullied, the staff has covered it all.

“I had a good group of friends that I had a lot of classes with, and studying in a group really helped me remember the information,” said math teacher Jackie Bagarozza.  “Talking and sharing ideas in a small group helped the information make more sense than looking over my notes and studying on my own.”

History teacher Erik Brescher, on the other hand, suggested “…color-coded notes, flashcards, outlining… it’s all been tried.  The best advice: If you’re weak in a subject, choose your seat wisely!” 

Heidi Scherer-Blake
Brescher awaiting his incoming students.

Others, however, believe the key to high school is confidence. “If I could go back to high school, I would be more confident in joining clubs and pursuing things I was passionate about,” science teacher Jake Mule admitted.

As far as bullying goes, Brescher claimed he “…saw it running rampant from elementary, through middle school, into high school… even in college and the workplace.  It’s a life problem. I feel like everybody gets bullied at different times and in different ways… constantly, every day.  The best solution is to break the cycle and make people value themselves. If you value yourself, it becomes harder to debase another human being.  Be good people.”

Mule added. “My first recommendation for bullying is to not do it. It is so important and so simple to just be nice to everyone. If you do feel bullied or alone, it is so helpful to find a friend who can show you [that] you are loved and valued. Knowing what you mean to someone can make you feel so important even if the world is trying to bring you down.”

“HAVE FUN! High school can be stressful and hard, but it can also be such a fun time. Find some friends, get involved, and do what makes you happy,” science teacher Hope Kowalski added. “Tip: Four years go fast! Be sure to enjoy high school, but don’t forget about academics!”