World Teacher’s Day at KHS

Teachers' Day Celebrations in Nan Hua, 2014.

Wikimedia Commons

Teachers' Day Celebrations in Nan Hua, 2014.

World Teachers’ Day, also known as International Teachers Day, is held once a year on Oct. 5th. It was originally established in 1994 to pay tribute to the signing of the 1966 UNESCO/ILO Recommendation which changed the status and situations of teachers across the globe. World Teachers’ Day’s main focus is to devote a day to specifically appreciate, assess, and improve the educators of the world.


History teacher Danielle Elia, who used to go to KHS as a student herself, says, “I enjoy teaching kids and [specifically teaching] history because it encompasses a lot of different subjects and helps us make important future decisions.”


“I’ve always liked the idea of being the person to help kids reach their full potential,” said music teacher Ryan Stroud, “and I’m with these kids for four years so I’ve made amazing friendships over the years and really get to see them grow up!”

Science teacher Nancy Rinaldi has taught nearly every field of science here at KHS and used to be a biochemist. She says, “I really started teaching because I wanted students to enjoy science as much as I do.”

“My favorite part of teaching is definitely working with my best friends,” says  English teacher and 2017 Teacher of the Year John Penola“ I also love reading amazing literature with amazing people, like Of Mice and Men, and seeing kids as they read them for the first time … I love helping people beyond the classroom.”

“I’ve had a great school experience myself, so I wanted to do my best to give students the best educational experience I can. [Even now,] I am still growing and learning,” says math and computer programming teacher Louis Castano.

Choir teacher Charles Linnell, the director for both choir and chamber singers, says, “I love seeing the development of students, especially when they don’t realize how much potential they really do have and when they push themselves to achieve farther.”

It’s important for us to appreciate the work our teachers put in because they only want to help us learn and succeed! Thank your teacher by being a good student.