Teacher Feature: Meet Jake Mulé

Mr. Mule’s picture taken by Hiba Shaikh in the classroom.

Mr. Mule’s picture taken by Hiba Shaikh in the classroom.

Jake Mulè’s class is full of enthusiasm and positivity; he knows the best way to grab his students’ attention.

“ I like helping people, and teaching is a great way to be around people and make a positive difference in their lives.”

Mulè’s outgoing spirit does not end in the classroom but continues with him every day in specific activities that he partakes in such as friendly games of basketball, sailing in the open ocean, or hiking in the wilderness.

Mulè’s energy originates from his family. “I have many role models; my parents are definitely role models for me and I am thankful for that,” says Mulé. Although it is very hard to think of Mulè as anything but the enthusiastic science teacher he already is, teaching was not his first choice as an occupation. “ I wanted to be a secret agent. Then I wanted to be an astronaut for a little while,” he says.

Mulè thinks that the best thing about his job is that he gets to make a difference. He says “that even if I get to make one person’s life just a tiny bit better, that’s a win.”