Steven Papendick Returns to KHS With Hopes of Continuing to Inspire


All the way back from the middle school comes a familiar face.

Ready to make a difference, math teacher Steven Papendick has come back to the high school from Pearl R. Miller middle school to inspire students.

“I love working with kids and I love math; I wanted to work on a subject that I could make the biggest difference in.”

Everyone has a role model who inspires him in life at achieving his dream, and Papendick is no exception. “Collectively all my teachers along the way [have influenced me], good and bad. I believe that who I am today, and how I act [and react] toward others has been shaped by every experience in my life thus far. To isolate any one teacher or individual and attribute ‘greatest influence’ would likely mean overlooking someone else who may deserve equal recognition.”

As he makes his transition back to KHS, he hopes to be that inspirational person for others. “I like to be a part of shaping a future.”