Op-Ed: Can Phones be Used as Educational Tools?


Hiba Shaikh

Student on Google Docs in classroom

The never-ending question that troubles not only students but the riddled teachers as well: ‘Can phones be used as educational tools?’

Phones have become a part of our daily lives; they have turned into a necessity for a variety of people. However, there is one question that arises time and time again: Are they a necessity for students? Many argue that they aren’t, and many oppose that statement, making this a very controversial topic.

One point that multiple students emphasize is the dilemma with wasting paper and other stationary tools for school. Freshman Sam Handzo stated, “I think that phones are very useful. Using phones reduces paper use.”

Likewise, freshman Haripriya Kemisetti said,  “Teachers can use phones instead of worksheets and books; it’s helpful and extremely useful.”

Considering the amount of paper school districts use a year, the environment is bound to pay the price, resulting in far fewer trees. Thus, using phones can definitely be a great alternative to this issue.

There are other pros to using phones as educational tools that other students highlighted in their responses. Some stated that using educational games does not only engage the student, but it also enhances their learning experience. Cat Bodner said, “ I love using phones as educational tools, like Quizlet, Kahoot, and Quizizz.”

Many of these games are used as educational tools by teachers, which can make the learning environment fun and engaging. Another student, Saun Notay, added to this, saying,  “I think that phones are very useful for education. Teachers could use them to play games during class time.”

On the other hand, Nick Rymarz says, “They can be useful, but sometimes they can be distracting.”

Megan King also added, “I like them. They can be educational, but at times a little distracting from what’s happening in class.”