5 Things You Need Know This Week


Juan Guaidó, has declared himself the interim president of Venezuela until free and fair elections can be held. Photo courtesy of Clarin.

World News

After years under an oppressive authoritarian regime, citizens of Venezuela have risen up in protest against their president, Nicolás Maduro. In recent years, the nation of 32 million inhabitants has seen three million Venezuelans emigrate, fleeing starvation and government corruption. Public outrage towards the government has reached a boiling point in the start of 2019 with one million Venezuelans protesting their government.


In the midst of this chaos, one man, Juan Guaidó, has declared himself the interim president of Venezuela until free and fair elections can be held. Already, many of the world’s democracies have recognized him as the leader. Other authoritarian regimes, such as China, Russia, and Turkey, are supporting Maduro to stay in power. The situation is only escalating as vast amounts of humanitarian aid from the US is waiting at the border of the petrostate, but not being allowed to reach the people by Nicolás Maduro. It still remains to be seen how this situation will play out, yet every day the pressure grows on both sides.


US News

The federal holiday, George Washington’s Birthday is on Feb. 18. While it is commonly referred to as Presidents’ Day, this is not the official name of the federal holiday. This national holiday celebrates the birth of our nation’s first president but is recognized on the third Monday of February, which will never land on his actual birthday, Feb. 22. Abraham Lincoln was born on Feb. 12 and he is often celebrated on this day, as well. Federal employees, as well as Kinnelon High School students, will have a day off to allow them to celebrate these great American heroes.


New Jersey News

Following months of political quagmire, New Jersey governor, Phil Murphy, followed through on his campaign promise of raising the New Jersey minimum wage. On the campaign trail, Murphy promised that raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour was a top priority for him. It took over a full year and some concessions to pass this bill. One concession is that for the next few years, the minimum wage will slowly rise until it reaches $15. It will rise at a slower rate for seasonal workers and those employed by small businesses.


Kinnelon News

These last few weeks have had a very wide range of weather here in Kinnelon. Residents have experienced temperatures in the single digits and above 50º as well. It has rained, snowed, and been sunny in the course of merely a few days. Across the nation, extreme weather conditions have affected many, and continued caution and prudence are advised for all drivers as we endure these temperature fluctuations and upcoming inclement weather.


KHS News

As winter sports teams approach their final stretch, some move on to the playoffs, and others end their seasons with much reason to be proud. The hockey team moves on to the state playoffs and has an upcoming conference tournament. Both the boys and the girls’ swimming teams had their state semifinal meet Feb. 11, with the boys competing against Mountain Lakes, and the girls taking on Leonia. The Academic Decathlon team took fourth place in Regions and now is moving on to States as well.