KHS Softball Team Is Ready to be the Best


Shreyal Sharma.

The softball girls during practice.

Embracing the spring season with open arms, KHS encourages athletes to join softball. Spring is the season of possibility, and softball gives an opportunity to everyone who is interested in sports to be a member of their athletic family.

According to freshman Kristyn Caroll, “Softball is a great team bonding sport because of the time you have to be communicating in the field and if someone makes a mistake, everyone cheers them up and keeps them motivated to do even better the next time.”

Many people tried softball because they wanted to experience team bonding, but it also helps athletes mentally and physically.

As Caroll said, “Softball is such a fun sport because it is not just physical skills. You need to have mental skills and always be ready for the ball, and you also have to be emotionally strong and fight through the fear of losing.” Exciting things happen when a person is having fun, and certainly, the KHS softball team is having lots of fun because of the strong bond they are building.

“I think this group of girls is very motivated and we all want to get better but we also want to make it fun too so with all of our team bonding we will all be really close,” Carroll said. Time passes and gets better when you have something to look forward. Every player has a goal or occasion that they always look forward to.

“I am looking forward to bond with my team,” freshman Alison Balonze stated.

Carol agreed, saying “I am looking forward to having a fun season with my team and just to play because I love playing.”

Every athlete needs a coach who can encourage them to be their best. According to Balonze, “Coach Bariso is really nice and she makes softball really fun. ” Carol adds, “She is very upbeat and organized. we are always doing something. I think she’s a great coach for us because she is very encouraging and will motivate us to do our best.”

Softball coach, Marissa Bariso explained about her bond with her athletes saying, “I want to create a bond in which my team feels strong connectivity to each other and a rapport that highlights everyone’s strengths.”