Gaming Club: A New Sport?


Emily Mazurkiewicz

The upcoming gaming club, run by Mr. Zablocki, has many students preparing to show their skills.

Here in Kinnelon, students play the usual sports ranging from golf to football along with various clubs. However, there are other activities the students enjoy that typically are not offered as school sports or clubs, such as gaming. As such a popular activity, with many interested in it, Kinnelon is now hoping to welcome a gaming club for its students.

New history teacher Peter Zablocki brought it upon himself to create this new gaming club. His inspiration for the club came from one of his students, Vlad Nita. Nita challenged Zablocki to a game of chess, and soon that game had sparked into an idea: creating a gaming club.

Zablocki spoke to Assistant Principal Scott Rosenberg about the idea of making the club, discussing where it could go in the future. “There is a competition, a sporting competition between these various schools that have these sports games and you actually create a legitimate team,” says Zablocki. He believes that this team would go up against these schools that had gaming clubs in an interactive gaming competition, just like Kinnelon’s various sports teams do.

Zablocki plans to open this club to all students who enjoy gaming, and the games that would be played in this club would range from board games to video games. The first meeting of this club is yet to be decided, as is the gaming club itself, but Zablocki is hopeful regarding its development.