The Fitness Center: An Athlete’s Motivation


Photo by Rachel Delaney

Emily Stitzel doing pull downs in the fitness center.

The fitness center is an inexpensive and convenient way to get into shape during off seasons. Many athletes utilize the room to keep up their strength and endurance, but what motivates them to stay after school consistently?

Sophomore Kelly Dunn said, “It’s fun and puts me in a good mood. It also gives me a way to let my stress out.” According to, working out is known to be a mood booster because it releases endorphins. It is a natural high that can be fun and is really good for your mind and body.

Dunn also said that what motivates her is “the music that they play in the fitness center; it makes me feel happy and energetic. My favorite part of working out is being able to do it with my friends.”

Sophomore Raquel Ospina said, “I enjoy working out because the environment is fun.” The fitness center gives students the opportunity to be part of something without the commitment of being part of a sports team. It is a fun way to meet new people and improve physical health.

“The result, in the end, motivates me to workout, my favorite part of the fitness center is either the music or Capra’s enthusiasm. The first week I started I was sore, but now it’s nothing; it’s so empowering,” Ospina said.

Capra’s piece of advice is to, “get in there; if it was easy, everyone would do it.”

The music, along with Capra’s enthusiasm and passion for what he does is was makes athletes want to stay consistent after school.