Mental Health Means Physical Wealth

Emma Macmanus, Renee Ritacco, and Karolyna Link all gather to have fun and de-stress.

Photo by Raquel Ospina

Emma Macmanus, Renee Ritacco, and Karolyna Link all gather to have fun and de-stress.

High school. The homework and studying plus extracurricular activities plus time with friends and families can become very stressful for students. High school students need an outlet to de-stress daily, and thankfully Emma Macmanus gave this opportunity to all Kinnelon high school students.

Macmanus, a sophomore, founded the Mind and Wellness society at Kinnelon High School. Macmanus started the club because “society today is very stressful and I think students need an outlet and a person to go to if they need a friend or resources.” Macmanus herself admits to sometimes struggling with maintaining her own mental wellbeing and thinks that “people need to realize that everyone else does too.”

The Mind and Wellness society is made to relieve and even cure any stress, anxiety, and depression with many methods. The group sits down and talks about different techniques that anyone can do to help with anxiety. There are different challenges in the club as well; for example, an upcoming no cell phone challenge for a week.

The new club already has a crowd of new members who love going to the meetings. Sophomore Karolyna Link joined the society. “I felt it was a good outlet to channel stresses in my daily. My favorite thing about the club is all the different destressing opportunities that it provides such as testing different apps and scents.”

Sophomore Renee Ritacco enjoys the environment of the club as well.  “ I feel that the club would be beneficial to my mental health. It’s a very open-minded and supportive group club that comforts all members. I love how I am able to talk to everyone and not feel judged, it is very stress relieving.”